Test Drive Unlimited 2: Windows XP vs Windows 7 Benchmark

Test Drive Unlimited 2

The much anticipated sequel for Test Drive Unlimited was released, Test Drive Unlimited 2 should be a great game to play: you and all your cars and the open world !

Before I begin I only want to say one thing: it seems that PC pulled the short straw once again…

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a very poorly optimized game. The game is very twitchy and it stutters like nothing I’ve been given to see… Eden Games messed up big time.

Computer Specs:

OS: Windows XP SP3 x86 | Windows 7 x64 SP1
CPU: e5200 @ 3.5 Ghz
RAM: 4GB @ 800 Mhz
MB: Gigabyte P43-ES3G 1.1
GPU: HD 5750 1 GB (ccc 11.1a)
HDD: Samsung HD7531LJ 750 GB (AHCI enabled in both OS)

Here are the graphs:

Test Drive Unlimited 2 FPS

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Frames Rendered

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Min Max Avg FPS

This game is absolutely rubbish, although it was supposed to be a great game and could be if all the optimization related problems will be fixed, hopefully…

Game Settings:

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Benchmark

I tried the game on the lowest settings @ 640×480 and the FPS couldn’t get pass 60 and wasn’t stable at all, it would slowly build up to 60 and then drop to 40 FPS, this may be from the fact that Test Drive Unlimited 2 is just a cheap console port…

Even when I tried the lowest settings @ 1680×1050 the FPS would go up to 55-60 and then go down to 35-40 which made it pretty much unplayable.

This game is pretty much a joke to us PC gamers. And if you’re thinking of buying this game, please think again and don’t support developers and publishers that choose to release this kind of…crap !

Before you comment please note that I’m making these benchmarks with the average gamer on my mind. I’m not here to pleasure high-end users with thousands of dollars worth of hardware. I’m just giving moderate gamers with mainstream PCs an idea about how the game would work with their rig.
This benchmark addresses people with low budget PCs and not the 2% of the world with high end ones…

And please keep in mind that results may differ with every PC !

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  • Anonym

    oh its rubbish just get a better CPU rest everythings fine your pc is ready to run all games at max settings and try playing the game at 1280X720 with anti aliasing turned off
    and @Bender81 its nt true what u say maybe your win 7 installation has some fault cuz I play it on Win 7 with better framerates than XP on my crap pc
    CPU-C2D E7500 @ 2.93GHz

  • ISI300

    I’m glad somebody brought the issue: “TDU 2 IS RUBBISH” up. i’m hugely with the editor here.
    i’ve tried the game sometime ago with a 9600GT (you get the picture), the game was fluent with effects on ultra, texture filtering on ultra, world medium, and cars lod medium. no aa. guess what: average 45fps (completely fluent,utterly playable).
    now I have a 5770 in here. the same settings, with 8xAA. fraps say it’s around 60fps. Yeah right. just pull the handbrake on speed or make a spiny start. the framrates say 50. witch sound fairly reasonable. but it’s not. the game needs ultra high fps to become playable.
    Now that would be alright if the game was some king of wonder looking stuff. but to my mind, the TDU1 kicks it’s backside in terms of look.even without HDR . and gameplay.Just take screenshots from each game at some point, at your preferred level of details (same for each).
    Now we get to gameplay. even though TDU 1 is very old at best,driving midrange cars in it felt briliant.
    even though it wasn’t exactly a well programmed one. the latter 1.66A version remoced vibration entirely.
    The problem is not his specs. it’s the developers thinking rubbish, doing rubbish. by thinking about putting range of vision on a million billion end of things, the game won’t become pretty (Try the difference between world lod med and very high.) It was the same kind of problem crysis had. if they concentrate on making the damn thing look good, rather than putting googlish numbers in the video settings thing, they could come up with (from the games i’m playing right now) NFS Shift, even Shift 2, BC2,HP2,Black Ops.
    as a classic case in point, I’ve played Black ops on this pc (2GB DDR3 1600,Phenom II X4 3.80GHz) with every possible imaginable graphics setting and eye candy turned on (16XAA, even though still 4X is perfectly acceptable) no gliches at all. averaging almost 75 (educated guess by looking at state of gameplay). AND it does 55-60 in shift 2 with every in game setting on max (also cpu AA).
    The problem here, is f***ers like eden who try to rip us off by giving such demos and trailers and wasting the rest of us, our time and of course our money with such RRUUBBISSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • campdude

    Test Drive 1 was even more rubbish…
    I actually purchased TD1 but had to return it to the store thats how bad it was.
    (back then pc games were re-saleable.)

    Looks like nothing has changed.


    I hate eletist PC snobbery to be honest. My laptop runs battlfield 3 on ultra at 40fps,Portal2 at 80fps and games like Bioshock 2 at 120 fps.I loved the first testdrive,I bought it with the 360 so decided to get the sequel for pc.I stupidly thought because my laptop can run said games above that it would handle testdrive 2.WRONG I get 17 FPS with settings on high and geuss what I get around 15 FPS with everything on low even res.It also runs with a border and I cant get rid of it.So for all the snobs saying his pc sucks and he shouldnt expect any better FPS etc you are wrong.The game is highly unoptimiesd and the complaints are valid.

  • J-V

    Well done for these benchmarks. Dont listen to these assholes, no matter what hardware you have, weather it’s a Pentium 4 or an i7 every OS is gonna perform differently. Different hardware won’t make them run evenly. I run an Intel Core 2 Quad at stock speed (gonna OC it soon) with a Gigabyte GTX560 Ti and most of my games run at a minimum of 50 – 60 FPS at High – Max settings. No questions asked, some games (like COD Blackops) give a noticeably higher FPS in XP than Windows 7, that’s why it’s worth keeping a dualboot. Other games run at almost identical FPS other both operating systems (maybe 1 – 4 fps difference lower in Win7). I run a dualboot Windows XP and Windows 7 and i usually prefer Windows XP to be used for gaming. Yes, Win XP is over 10 years old and Win7 came out a couple years ago.. but soo what?! if windows XP is such an “outdated” OS how come 2012 gaming titles are still supporting it? Some geeks have too much money… let’s all empty our pockets for a 10% increase in performance, shall we?. Ill be keeping XP until it’s no longer supported, by then ill be running Win7/Win8 dualboot xD!!

  • DaniĆ«l de Vries

    I’ve done some research and actually the problem isn’t with the specs of your pc. When I play online, I get those annoying stutters, even when I’m not seeing anyone in game(tried this with openfullcone, moderate and strict). Now when I play offline (simply turn off the internet and start the game) the fps rate is smooth and I enjoy playing offline. The thing is TDU2 is most fun playing online, but it’s not playable for me. I’m using the steam version, maybe the official TDU2 servers are better?

  • ISI300

    my 5770 (proud ‘n’ joy until 7000) runs shift 2 at max (aa max too) with a phenom 2 x4 3.8GHz and 2GB of DDR3_1600,W7 32) and gives 55-60 (checked through Fraps and MSI AB). saying Using ATI is the issue here is nonsense (of course for fanboys like you it probably isn’t).

  • Killah

    I have am AMD Athlon II X4 645 3.1 GHz, Nvidia 9600 GT 512mb, 4 Gb Ram, Win 7 x64
    and I have no problem at all running this game at all, running at 1920 x 1080 everything on high with no aa and I love it.