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RAGE is a first person shooter developed by id and published by Bethesda. RAGE uses id’s id Tech 5 game engine based on OpenGL. Being first announced in 2007, RAGE was one of the most expected games of this year. 4 years later RAGE is available to any FPS | RPG fan.

Test Hardware | RAGE

Intel Core i5-2500K (Sandy Bridge)

3.3 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache, power-saving settings disabled, Turbo Boost disabled.

Motherboard MSI P67-C43-B3, Intel P67 Chipset
Memory 2 x 2 GB DDR3 1600MHZ
Hard Drive WD 500 GB SATA III
Graphics Card Sapphire HD6950 1 GB
Power Supply Corsair TX 650 W
System Software And Drivers
Operating Systems

Windows XP SP3 x32

Windows XP SP2 x64

Windows 7 SP1 x32

Windows 7 SP1 x64

DirectX DirectX 9
Graphics Driver AMD Catalyst 11.9 WHQL

First thing you notice with RAGE is it’s size, 20GB is a lot even for a 2011 title. The reason is that the game uses very big texture files and this has consequences I will mention later. After entering the game you notice that the Video Settings Menu is very simple, the game only lets you choose resolution and AntiAliasing level. id implemented a auto-detect feature that scans your PC and chooses the right settings.

Forums are filled with complaints about low quality textures, flickering, tearing and low performance. While the game delivers above average graphic detail, when looking closely at objects they are blurred and you can actually see where textures come together, you can see the “stitches”. The flickering and tearing can be fixed by forcing vSync from AMD Catalyst Control Center.

Because textures are so big there is constant HDD activity and this impacts performance with slower hard drives, textures load every time you move the mouse so when a object loads it will continue to load once you look at it again.

Both AMD and Nvidia released performance drivers for RAGE, get them here: AMD Catalyst RAGE Performance Driver Win 7 x32 x64, Nvidia R285 Win 7 x32, Nvidia R285 Win 7 x64.

Operating System Benchmark

RAGE Operating Systems Benchmark

Even though XP x32 was the best performing operating system, missing textures were ridiculous, terrain was riddled with “black patches”. Other operating systems performed, looked and felt the same. RAGE failed to start with Windows 8 Developer Preview, something to do with Steam…

Performance with RAGE is hilarious; keeping in mind the graphic detail, there is no excuse for this game performing so bad even on release day. 40 FPS is not nearly enough for a high end computer and, again, for the detail of graphics delivered by RAGE.

Cores Benchmark

RAGE CPU and Cores

RAGE | CPU Usage
1 Core
2 Cores
3 Cores
4 Cores

While a quad core will not bring any performance improvement over a triple core, on 1 and 2 cores RAGE was simply unplayable, the game froze on a regular basis.

Lately, optimization eludes more and more developers, even the best in the industry are attracted to fast profits. RAGE is a technical fiasco at this point. I tried the AMD RAGE Driver only to see a more messed up game. Unless a patch comes really soon, this game is doomed. If some of the issues come from AMD’s drivers we will have to wait at least 2 weeks before 11.10 driver comes out. If RAGE can be saved by gameplay and storyline is a question that only father time will answer…

AMD Catalyst 11.9 vs AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview v2

AMD Catalyst 11.9 vs AMD Catalyst 11.10 Preview v2

Edit: AMD released a Battlefield 3 and RAGE unified driver.

How to Enable High Res Textures

Enabling this will make Rage look crisper thanks to the 8k textures.

1. First you need to edit a configuration file, browse to Steam\steamapps\common\rage\base and open using Notepad the following file: default.cfg.
2. Add the following piece of code to the file:

vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192
vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192
vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192
vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192
vt_maxaniso 4
image_anisotropy 4

3. Save the file and enter Rage.

This will enable 8k textures for Rage, you can modify the size of textures by replacing 8192 with anything like:
1024 (1k textures)
2048 (2k textures)
3072 (3k textures)

Just increment with 1024 until you reach desired quality, you can go as high as 16k (16384).

Note: For 8k textures you will need at least 1.5 GB of Video Ram

Credit goes to GeForce.com

Solved almost all problems using this configuration (add to default.cfg):

seta com_videoRam 1024 //Your Graphic Card's Memory Size (1024 for 1 GB)
seta com_maxfps 120 //max fps
seta image_anisotropy 16 // 16xAF, you can go for 2x,4x or 8x.
seta image_usecompression 0
seta image_filter GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR //filtering for light maps
seta image_preload 1 //Use preload images when ever possible
seta image_lodbias -1 //LoD settings
seta image_ignoreHighQuality 0 //Sets up for using HQ gfx
seta image_ignoreLowQuality 1 //ignores the low textures
seta image_useCache 1 //Enabled Cache to allow the textures to load properly without popping
seta image_cacheMegs 125 //Cache size in Megabytes
seta image_cacheMinK 50 //Cache minimum size in kilobytes
seta r_swapInterval 0 //VSYNC 1 enabled, 0 diabled
seta r_useHighQualityPostProcess 1 //Fore High Quality post proccessing
seta r_shadowsHighQuality 1 //High Quality shadows
seta r_displayRefresh 0 //keep it so the engine doesn’t double render a frame
seta r_renderer best //highest rendering options
seta r_multiSamples 8 //Set this to 16 or 8 if you’re having low-fps as 32 is the Max Multi-sampling
seta r_useHBAO 1 //Ambient occlusion
seta r_useRenderThread "1" // 0 Disable or 1 Enable threaded rendering useful for newer cards to increase performance.
seta r_visDistMult 1
seta r_useMotionBlur 1 //use blur
seta r_skipBump 0
seta r_skipSpecular 0
seta r_skipNewAmbient 0
seta r_shadows 1
seta r_cgFragmentProfile best
seta r_cgVertexProfile best
seta vt_lodBias -1 //LoD settings

Using AMD Rage Performance Driver I get around 60 FPS on average and 40 when things get very intense, texture pop ins are rare.

  • Geralt

    Are you running the fixed 11.9 drivers or the first ones? Apparently they messed them up and re-released them afterwards, the new ones can be downloaded here: http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/GPU121AMDCatRagePerfDriver.aspx

    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      I am using the 2nd ones, fixed ones

  • Kazeta

    Man this game sucks feet. On a 6870 and a q9550 3.8GHZ and the performance is awful. Another shitty port but this time from Id. WTF!
    Thanks BenchmarK3D for all your work. You should add sometime a Full hd resolution.

  • Wahid

    Hi to benchmark3d staff,

    What I noticed that everyone with ATI graphic card has a low performance in Rage, maybe a patch will fix that soon.

    For me no problem, 60 fps all the time at a resolution of 1920 x 1080
    Q6600 @ 3.33 Ghz
    4 Go DDR2
    Asus GTX 480

    I forgot to mention with 16 AA.


    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      Although most complaints come from AMD users, I’ve seen nvidia owners complain about textures. At this point the main reason behind performance and the missing/blurry textures is the game engine itself. GPU drivers might have their influence as the game is based on OpenGL.

  • Wahid

    No textures problem for me I’m using Nvidia beta driver 285.38.
    It’s an awrsome game.
    Enjoy it.

    I have an option in the game “GPU transcode” I don’t know what is it ?

    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      That’s an option that is brought by the Nvidia 285.38 beta driver with 400 and 500 series GPUs. If you enable that option texture pop ins should decrease.

  • Wahid


  • agent TACO

    I don’t get it either. I’m running a Q6600 OCd @ 3.0GHZ, 6GB DDR2 RAM and a GTX 275 with flawless 60 FPS all the way. When I was downloading I heard the PC port looked terrible but this is the best looking game since the first Crysis came out 4 years ago. UPDATE YOUR DRIVERS PEOPLE!!!

    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      It really depends on what settings the auto balancer chooses. On Nvidia GPUs everything is almost fine and dandy (CUDA for streaming textures) but with AMD (or at least me) it’s crazy.

      Steady 65 FPS but when I move the mouse it drops at 30-40 FPS and becomes a pain in the ass to play. Textures look like I’m wearing 3 pairs of glasses. Having 18 GBs of textures wasn’t a really good idea…

      On another matter: AMD will release a Battlefield 3 and Rage unified driver in the next couple of days.

      • Tye

        I was wondering what model of HDD are you using? Have you tested with an SSD for the streaming of all those textures?

        • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

          OS: Western Digital 500 GB SATA III (WD5000AAKX)
          Game: Samsung 750GB SATA II (HD753LJ)

          Haven’t tested with a SSD but that isn’t really necessary, with the new 11.10 Preview 2 and the settings I posted HDD activity is significantly lower.

  • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D
  • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

    Just finished the game, it was pretty good despite performance issues. Once you manage to get the right settings RAGE really becomes a good game. I would rate it as an 8 out of 10.

    • Wahid

      Hi Benchmark3D staff,

      How to bypass the 60 fps lock ?
      I share with you the point of view that Rage is really is a very good game.


  • Wahid

    Note: For 8k textures you will need at least 1.5 GB of Video Ram

    I don’t think that because i did it with my Asus GTX 480 1.5 GB VRAM, and the memory usage in game is about 911 MB so 1.5 GB of VRAM is not necessary.

  • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

    The new Update for Rage really makes a huge differences, the performance boost is humongous.

  • Ricardo

    BenchmarK3D you could redo the test with this new patch and the catalyst 2 Preview 11:10 ???


    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      Sorry but I’ve already uninstalled Rage, I don’t want to wait another couple of hours to download… Steam is so slow these days.

      • Will

        That’s where Steam’s backup and restore feature is handy :)

        Nice review/benchmarks. It’s convinced me to wait a little while for a few more updates before I play it.

  • delow

    i have the same set up 2500k @ 4.5ghz and 6950 1gb its running solid 60fps maxed with the rage driver might wanna overclock ur cpu

  • Ricardo

    The Patch for game and Catalyst 11.10 preview 2 works perfect for me !!!

    HD6950 2GB and C2Q8400 @ 3.2Ghz 4gb ram

  • ikir

    I don’t see this performance issue at all, i’m playing all to max settings and the game is super fast, no slowdowns in 2560×1440 on my iMac with Lion 10.7.3. maybe this is a rare example of a game perfuming better on OSX? It uses Lion new OpenGL (no support for Snow Leopard) but it is super fast on my 6970M.

    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      In some cases there are no performance issues and in some there are only issues. Even AnandTech had the same issue I did, couldn’t get passed vSync…

      I’ll probably revisit Rage but atm I’m pretty busy with some exams…

  • joleco


    • http://benchmark3d.com Johnny 3D

      The game version tested here is 1.0 and it’s almost 5 months old. In the meantime developers released a couple of updates that improved performance and fixed numerous bugs. So Rage might not perform the same way it did on release date, this doesn’t make me a liar. If you tested Rage 1.0 you’d say I am right…

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