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I don’t know how many of you have used the Auto-Update feature but starting with early 2013 it will be removed from AMD’s Catalyst Control Center. The cause is a minor security vulnerability that marked the feature for complete removal, instead of fixing it. No further details are given about this security vulnerability. I for […]

Radeon Graphics

On Monday, AMD unveiled details about their new mobile GPUs, the 8000M Series, codename Solar System. Built on the same GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture as the last series, these cards will support DirectX 11.1 and the Enduro Technology. AMD will officially release the HD8500M, HD8600M and HD8700M Series GPUs at CES 2013, when further […]

Resident Evil 6 Logo

The Japan based company, Capcom, announced earlier today that Resident Evil 6 will be arriving on PC on the 22nd of March 2013. They ditched Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live and they will launch the game on Steam (Steamworks). The console versions for the XBOX360 and PS3 saw the day of light on the 2nd […]

Rage Logo

Exactly 25 months after RAGE’s release, Bethesda is releasing the first DLC for the game. Priced at $4.99, “The Scorchers” will be available next week on Steam, PSN and XBL. In this brand-new adventure spanning six all-new areas, you will fight alongside new allies to defend the Hager Settlment from a maniacal bandit clan known […]

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I’d imagine most “Internet vultures” know about THQ’s Metro:2033 giveaway on Facebook. THQ is currently promoting their new Metro game, Last Light (coming March 2013), by doing a December Metro:2033 giveaway on Facebook. If you don’t already own Metro 2033, head over to Metro’s Facebook page and grab your Steam code. All you need to […]

Far Cry 3 Logo

Ubisoft released the 3rd patch for Far Cry 3, you can read the changes at the bottom of this page. And yes, all the CPU needs will balance across all your 32 cores. Apparently, gamers from the future weren’t happy. And now you know, the world will not end on the 21st and the time […]

Arma 3 Logo

Earlier today, Bohemia Interactive published a short post in which they confirmed what some of us already knew. ARMA 3 was initially expected to be released sometime between Q4-2012 and Q1-2013 but has now been pushed further into 2013. As you may imagine, ARMA 3’s development schedule has been seriously affected after the two developers […]

Radeon Graphics

It’s been almost 10 months since I started a poll asking you what is your favorite kind of Anti-Aliasing. Most of you (24% – 300 people) selected FXAA, it’s easy to understand why, in the last year or so, FXAA (Fast Approximate AA) has become very popular and was implemented in a number of games […]

Dark Souls Logo

Dark Souls 2 was announced by Namco Bandai at the 2012 VGAs. The game will be available for PC and the current generation of consoles: Xbox360 and PS3 but with no official release date. All the available information can be found in Namco Bandai’s following press release and CG reveal trailer: Built upon the foundation […]

Bioshock Infinite Logo

Bioshock Infinite, the 3rd installment of the Bioshock IP, was announced to be released on the 26th of February 2013. Earlier this week, Ken Levine of Irrational Games announced that Bioshock Infinite will be delayed until March 26th, 2013. Pushing back a release date of a major title can mean one of two things: more […]