No More Monthly AMD Catalyst WHQL Drivers

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AMD will make a announcement today regarding their WHQL Catalyst Drivers new release schedule. Instead of monthly releases, AMD will release drivers more often that will focus on fixing issues with the newest games.

This is actually a good thing. We won’t have to wait 1 month before we can actually enjoy the latest games released.

But until further information we are left to wonder.

– AMD will end monthly Catalyst driver releases starting with Catalyst 12.5 (which won’t exist). They have decided to focus harder on quality and improvements vs regular updates which may not bring many new things. This way there will be no need for two separate driver development paths every month: one to get the official WHQL driver and another that keeps doing the regular driver development.

– We should expect more “hot fixes” and “preview drivers” when new games are released or urgent fixes are required.

– There is a beta driver we are testing right now that fixes the Eyefinity tearing on the third monitor when mixing outputs. I have verified that it works with Souther Islands based cards, so I don’t know if it will work with previous cards. Anyway, if no major issues are found, this driver should be publicly available next week.

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More info here.

  • cristian

    i want my drivers!!!!!!

    jajaja :P

  • progste

    I hope this will finally bring some quality in their drivers

  • ilyon

    Already left ?

  • dylem29


  • Elajitz

    I stick whit 8.97-120418a / 7900-MOD
    and 12.4 CAP 1 I have played Tons of games whit no issue!
    so thats is a real master mind Driver! <3

  • Elajitz

    Btw!.. Sorry I got some Issue whit

    Resident Evil ORC
    And Random Minimal Lag in Dirt Showdown!

    • ED13

      Problems with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City are problems that Capcom need to fix >.<.

      • progste

        honestly I don’t think that game can be fixed…

  • ilyon
  • Luke

    I think that this is a bad move, AMD drivers will be even more bugged with much more delays…

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