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BenchmarK3D Fav Ico

If you haven’t noticed yet, a couple of weeks ago I’ve built a driver search page for AMD Catalyst Drivers. Instead of browsing the Driver Section, you can easily “browse” through all AMD Catalyst Drivers (that I added so far, only 2012 drivers). This page can be accessed by using the link on the top-right […]

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AMD will make a announcement today regarding their WHQL Catalyst Drivers new release schedule. Instead of monthly releases, AMD will release drivers more often that will focus on fixing issues with the newest games. This is actually a good thing. We won’t have to wait 1 month before we can actually enjoy the latest games […]

FinalWire AIDA 64

The latest AIDA64 update extends the SensorPanel module with graphs and gauges, adds a new Speech API information page, and implements full support for the complete nVIDIA GeForce 600 GPU family and the latest generation Intel and OCZ SSD drives. New features & improvements Speech API information SensorPanel graphs and gauges Intel 330 and OCZ […]

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AMD is rumored to drop support from their Catalyst drivers for all cards prior to HD5000 that includes the HD2000, HD3000 and HD4000 series. The last package that will have support for pre HD5000 cards will be Catalyst 12.6, that’s in July. In other words, all DirectX 11 incapable GPUs will stop being supported by […]

FinalWire AIDA 64

New features & improvements Enhanced UPS support Revamped Desktop Gadget Preliminary support for Intel “Haswell” APU and Intel “Lynx Point” PCH Preliminary support for Intel “Penwell” SoC Intel 520 and Intel 710 SSD support GPU details for AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series and nVIDIA GeForce 600 Series You can purchase AIDA64 2.30 from here: […]

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The following wall of text doesn’t contain any spoilers. Bioware Forums have been “boiling” for a week now, they are not satisfied with their ending. Notice how I said “their” and not “the”? That’s because they, the fans wrote the story with the pen Bioware gave them but ultimately the pen “ran out of ink”. […]


If you don’t already know, Windows 8 Consumer Preview is currently available as a free download straight from Microsoft’s Website. There are two ways to get Windows 8 installed on your PC. 1. Downloading the .iso files for either x32 or x64 architecture. You just burn the iso on a DVD and boot that. 2. […]

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If you’re a Mass Effect fan you already know this: Mass Effect 3 PC Demo will be released tomorrow, February 14th 2012. Mass Effect 3 was voted the most anticipated game of 2012. Mass Effect 3 Demo begins right in the middle of the action: when Earth is attacked by the Reapers. The demo will […]


I see that many of you display a genuine interest in all AMD drivers, leaked or WHQL, bad or good; I have decided to change the way I test these drivers. For the tests to be 100% genuine they first have to be transparent and should easily be reproduced by any of you. To achieve […]

AMD Radeon

As of today we have quite a lot of performance data on the HD7970 that will convince most of you to upgrade, if they are true of course… posted two days ago something that might get you off your seat. When compared to the HD 6970, the HD 7970 is around 50 percent faster […]