Modern Warfare 3 MP Field of View (FoV) Changer

Modern Warfare 3

This tool allows you to change the field of view with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This tool works with the latest version of MW3 Multiplayer 1.4.368. Single Player is now supported.

Be warned that this might be considered an “unfair advantage” and you could get banned. Use it at your own risk.

Modern Warfare 3 FOV Changer

  • Download Modern Warfare 3 MP Field of View Changer.
  • Extract the files wherever you want.
  • Start MW3 MP FoV Changer.exe
  • Start Modern Warfare 3 through the tool or through Steam.
  • Press + / – to increase / decrease the field of view, press * to reset to original (65).
  • Enjoy the game as it should be from beginning.

  • Download Links

    MW3 Multi Player Field of View Changer v1.4.368.5
    MW3 Single Player Field of View Changer v1.4.368.5

    Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Field of View Changer

    • AgentRev

      Hey, I am the creator of this tool. Just a little precision: it does NOT hook to the game’s EXE.

      Also, a version for Campaign and Spec Ops can be found on

      • Johnny 3D

        Hey, sorry for my presumption. I get it now…memory address…

        It would be nice if you could manage to change FOV while ADS. Thanks for the cool app.

    • sruv

      Regarding the ban thing: – apparently IW’s official stance (as in “no you won’t get banned”). But yeah I myself thought VAC would pick it up, as “Update .6 : Few bugs fixed because the changers not being able to find the memory value under certain conditions.” – editing process memory is something that’s usually not welcome. For example, Blizz’s Warden instabans you for that.

    • GoTeRCZ

      How do I make 110 FOV? Maximum de 90th

    • yourmysavior

      thank you so much

    • BlackHOle00

      how come this is on ps3 too i went on a game and this was here

    • FreakBoy16

      Using an FOV changer doesn’t get you banned. IW moderator candyslexia said herself it wouldn’t.

    • AnteeeWalley

      Thank u so much!! ♥

    • AnteeeWalley

      RackarLiam visst vi kan lira mw3 om du vill ! :)♥

    • RackarLiam

      visst däe ska bli as kul du är bääst grattis till 30000k på youtube.:) nämen det är hejdlöst! ♥