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Given the fact that Mass Effect 3 is one of the best games of all times but at the same time ends in a ridiculous way, I think this tool will come useful to most of ME fans.

What this tool allows you to do is pretty simple:

  • Edit the plot/story, basically if you made some mistakes in previous games or in ME3 you can simply “rewrite” them. I will give some examples in the example area.
  • Add experience, add Paragon/Renegade/Reputation.
  • Edit/Add War Assets.
Mass Effect 3 Save Editor Screenshot


Always make backups of your saves before editing.

This tool is very easy to use, all you need is the Boolean ID for the quest you want to edit. You take those IDs from here: Not all quests have been “mapped” yet but those should be more than enough to change the plot however you want.

For instance, if you want to have Wrex in Mass Effect 3 instead of Wreave you have to search for Wrex in that pastebin text.

You will find this line:

WrexAlive, PlotIDSet=(13942,13024,13015),PlotIDClear=(13028,13029,15543,13021), PlotInts=(),PlotCond=()

PlotIDSet means that all those IDs must be set to True and IDs in PlotIDClear must be set to False in order to have Wrex in game but not break the game.

You will need to open a Mass Effect 3 save, doesn’t matter how much far in the game you are. Changing those IDs is like rewriting history.

Once you opened that save you will need to navigate to Plot, you will only need to work with the Bool text input as all the IDs from the pastebin text are boolean.

In order to have Wrex in our game you need to set all these IDs: 13942,13024,13015 to True and all these IDs: 13028,13029,15543,13021 to False.

To set a ID True you simply enter the ID in the Bool Input Area and thick the Is Set box and hit Set

To set a ID False you simply enter the ID in the Bool Input Area and unthick the Is Set box and hit Set

The Get function returns the current value of the ID entered.

Then you “save the save” and load it. All should be fine.

Possibilities are unlimited, you can also add War Assets but this is a bit harder to do, you have to edit GAWAssets Collection and add/edit the values you want. I don’t know the values for every Military Asset but I can help you if you want. I finished the game 4 times already and I have a lot of saves to compare GAWAssets IDs and I already have the IDs for the Geth Military Force, Alliance, Quarian, etc.

For instance the IDs for Geth are: 102, 103, 104; each of these IDs have a “strength indicator”, in my case: 102 = 305, 103 = 300, 104 = 60 so the Geth have a combined force of 665.

List for War Assets is available here:

Mass Effect 3 Assets Editor
Mass Effect 3 Geth War Assets

If you have any questions just ask and I will try to help you.

The Comment section contains major spoilers ! You’ve been warned !

  • Johnny 3D


    To get the Paragon/Renegade dialogs is a bit difficult. If you want to make peace between the Geth and the Quarians you can’t edit a savegame before or during that mission and expect the dialog options to appear.

    What you can do is: right after the the Rannoch mission (no matter which race has been destroyed, quarians or geth) you edit the savegame and have peace between the two. The problem is that the War Assets will not update automatically and you will have to add the Military Strength of the race destroyed. But I can help here.

    This is the ID(s) you need to edit to have peace between the two:

    GethPeace, PlotIDSet=(17789), PlotIDClear=(17787,17788), PlotInts=(),PlotCond=()


      i know this might sound stupid, im a noob at this sorry but do i need a specific program to extract my game save? it says i cannot use xbox360 CON files? im using modio to extract my saves should i use something else

      • CHEEZIT

        f**k i feel retarted dont answer that i figured it out

  • Dankratas

    Is it possible to edit the readiness? If yes, how can I do it?

    • Johnny 3D

      I don’t really know how to edit readiness but I am 100% certain that Readiness isn’t important, you can simply add/edit a Military Asset and make it worth 9999.

      If you want to do this you simply go into the GAWAssests Collection Editor and add or edit ID 102 and under Strength add what you want…

      • asdasd

        Plot—>ME3—>Misc—>Integers !

  • Dankratas


    Good point :) But I don’t remember if you need 4000 MS strength or 5000 for the ending where Shepard actually survives. If 4000 then editing to 9999 would work (if your rediness is 50%, then the actual MS strenght will be 4999.5 in battle, not 9999), but if you need 5000 for Shepard to survive, then this won’t work, because you just won’t have enough MS strenght.

    • Johnny 3D

      *****HUMONGOUS SPOILERS******

      Well, I had a TMS of 6451 x 50% = 3225 Effective Military Strength and was on a New Game+ with full paragon and still didn’t get the “breathing vid” even though I choose to destroy the Reapers and had done everything (-2 Citadel quests) in the game.

      I don’t know what else one could do to get more than 6500 TMS, as I said I played the game 4 times and “wasted” more than 60 hours of my life just to watch the same unsatisfying ending…

      I don’t regret the 60 hours, I regret the feeling I got each time I knew the end was coming…

      Just as a note: If you can’t achieve peace and you wonder which race to choose, Geth or Quarians, the Geth have 20 extra strength points…640 vs 660…so it’s down to Tali or Legion…

      • Dankratas


        So like I said, it depends on the readiness. If I remember correctly, you need 4000 Effective Military Strength (Effective(after you multiply it by the readiness %), not total!) to get the “perfect” ending (with the last breath). But if your readiness is 50% that means that you have to have at least 8000 assets. 8000 x 50% = 4000 EMS. Or you have to increase your readiness by playing multiplayer :) I had nearly 7000 (6980 or smth like that) assets and didn’t get the ending I wanted just because my readiness was 50%.

        This post explains everything perfectly , so we havo to wait for a DLC for the game to be completed (at least that’s what I think)

        • Johnny 3D


          As hard as I tried, couldn’t manage more than 3200 EMS but I guess that’s because I only had 100 Salarians, just curious what happens if you convince Mordin not to actually cure the genophage…didn’t feel right to trick the Krogan…

          • akimitsu

            there is no cap for the military strenght thing so you can just add a lot of assets worth 9999 each or change the strenght of an existing one to a ridiculous amount
            the value is still cut in half but for example half of a million (like i did) is still more than enough for the ending you want

        • Axaiver

          Actual you do not have to do the multiplayer, if you have a itouch or ipad you can download an app that has a game that allows you to improve your GAW WER precentage, though frankly it would be faster in multi, but to some of us ‘challenge’ or ‘unlucky’ in getting the right packs, you make due with what you got.

      • Vedli

        SPOILERS IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!

        You have been warned!

        I’ve read that it is possible to get 4000 EMS but you need to make the best choices across all three games. So for example if someone died on the suicide mission in ME 2. You won’t get them in ME 3 and they won’t be War Arrests.


        You need 5000 for the best ending which can only be got by doing the multiplayer (or 4000 if you convince TIM with Paragon/Renegade.

        Of course given how Casper shows up with his bullshit you’ll still get shit ending, just slightly less.

  • armendza

    please write how to edit renegade points
    can’t find value

    • Johnny 3D

      Here you go:

  • armendza

    thanks a lot

  • fidq


    How do you change so you can make the illusive man shoot himself, the paragon questions?

    • Johnny 3D


      I guess you need a lot of Paragon/Renegade points, I had about 900 Paragon Points and didn’t get the final Paragon/Renegade reply to make TIM kill himself. It was greyed out. So you need more points.

      • dutchess


        Its not just about hte Renegade / Paragon points to get the TIM persuasion. You have to successful use persuasion in EVERY encounter with him for it to be an option at the last.

        • Johnny 3D


          I did exactly that and the final paragon/renegade response were greyed out, didn’t mind that much as killing TIM myself felt better

        • fidq


          There must be someway we can change it, i think we need to let him kill himself to get the “good” ending.

    • Bob Arctor


      “- Go to plots tab,
      – Set the value of integer at 10665 to 7″

      It doesn’t (only) depend on points, I had maxed my rep bar; it’s due to missing a paragon/renegade option in the Mars conversation, because it’s hidden in an optional middle-left conversation choice.
      I have tried this and can confirm it worked for me.

  • TDD


    I didn’t speak to Miranda on the citadel before curing the genophage. Is she now dead? Are there any flags I can edit to make it as if I’d given her a visit?

    • Johnny 3D

      I don’t know, I didn’t have Miranda in my game. But if she was supposed to die there (no matter what you did) than there’s no way of “resurrecting” her.

  • Longobard

    What is the difference between this two?

    LiaraRomanced, PlotIDSet=(14169), PlotIDClear=(14281,13960), PlotInts=((ID=10016,V=4)),PlotCond=()

    LiaraRomancedLotSB, PlotIDSet=(14169,6927,6931,6815,7051,7035,7151),PlotIDClear=(14281,13960), PlotInts=((ID=10016,V=4)),PlotCond=()

    And how to add the PlotInts with the Editor?

    Thank you!

    • Johnny 3D

      LiaraRomancedLotSB has something to do with The Layer of the Shadow Broker, I played the DLC but don’t remember exactly what happened there.

      You don’t think you need to set any INTs, you only need to mess around with Boolean IDs.

  • Plougot

    Hi !
    Thx for this post. I’m actually trying to make some sort of “perfect game”, but i don’t find which boolean I should change in ordre to change Kasumi’s loyalty mission. I brought her back from the dead (or, in my case, from the “I don’t want to buy this DLC stuff” limbo) by changing 37 to true, and 199 to false, but she keeps telling me i didn’t help her 6 months ago, meaning the loyalty mission is considered not done.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

    • Johnny 3D

      Not all plot IDs have been discovered yet and loyalty missions ID aren’t available at this time, sorry.

    • Plougot

      And how can you find a plot ID ? Is there an “easy” or is it just really impossible ?

    • TonyT

      Forget trying to find the Plot ID’s & boolean to have Kasumi Loyal….Simply open up the Editor, Open your Save Game you want, click the Plot tab, Then Mass Effect 2, and Henchman…..Put Checks next to Kasumi Acquired, and Kasumi Loyal.

      Then save…Done!

  • Tiago

    I edited the IDs of a mission (I had left the Geths die) for Geths stay alive.
    But how do I add the points in the Geths GAWAssests? What ID should I change?

    • Johnny 3D

      You have the two pictures at the bottom of the article, just go to the RAW tab and find GAWAssets Collection, select it and then click the three dots on the right.

      If you want to add the Geth you need to add the following IDs 102,103,104 and their respective strength, just look at those two last images.

  • yallrnoobs

    you can easily raise your readiness to 100% by hosting a private match and using a trainer or other cheat such as the bound key god mode cheat to stay alive solo’n the multiplay rounds, its what i did lol you can also cheat at the money when you host a game and buy as much crap as you want. the only time i lost was from the cheap instant kill moves from the banshee’s the cerberus atlus also can grab and insta kill you. the geth prime doesnt seem to have a instant kill move he just like to back hand you up close

    and before you post how do i do it?
    if your smart enough to find it then you deserve to do it
    knowledge is power

  • Jacstar

    Can you add extra war assets like both extra admiral and asari dreadnaught, remove negative penalty on alliance fleets/quarian fleets, get both salarian fleets etc .this might improve ems to 4k

    • Johnny 3D

      You can easily do this, carefully read the last part of the article.

  • russian reversal

    hi. how do i add war assets of the destroyed race (quarian/geth)? i edited save file to have both races in assets list as you mentioned above but one of them has only 60 points and is blank inside. how should it look and what are the entries? ty in advance.

  • russian reversal

    sry, didnt see it was already answered

  • Plougot

    Thx for the answer.
    Is there a way to find these plots IDs ? Or is it just impossible ?

    • Johnny 3D

      All Plot IDs are known, the unknown is what each of them do. You could simply edit one ID at a time and see what changed but that will take a lifetime. I’m sure a full list of IDs and what each of them does will be available in the near future.

  • hotgamer

    Where can I find GAWAssets? And can you give me the ids of war assets? at least the one you knew of….

    • Johnny 3D

      Open the program, load a save, go to RAW and click the little arrow on the last line, the last line should be Player. Under player look for GAW Assets, select it and click on the three little dots on the right.


      Geth = 102,103,104

  • Nashnir

    I wish set flags such that Kelly is still in Citadel and wish to have the Eden Prime: Resistance mission completed.

    Will be grateful for any help or pointers.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Johnny 3D

      I don’t even know who Kelly is…and no Kelly appears anywhere in the Plot IDs, sorry but I can’t help you.

      • Guest2112

        I think Nashnir means the yeoman from ME2. She probaly rund under Chambers or Yeoman Chambers.

        Btw, great tool. Thx.

      • Stimtheone

        Same here. she appears during act 1 (before cerberus attack) and unless we tell her to change her identity she dies (mostly because it appears to be the paragon response).

        We desire to change that choice.

        Also I need the one in the mars archives with the illusive man. I was told to look for the integer value number 10665, yet it cannot be found. either I need the assingend number it has (the one for the orderit has, since they don’t seem to be sorted ascendently). I would go back and do it the old-fashioned way, but let’s just say I am tired of starting this game…

      • Zlac

        I agree with Stimtheone, I did a lot of missions after meeting yeoman Kelly Chambers (“morale” chick from ME2 that feeds your fish and dances for you) at the Citadel and I didn’t tell her to change her identity just because it seemed like a Renegade option and I’m playing almost pure Paragon. Now many hours later when I don’t even have a save game from before speaking with her I finished Citadel defense mission and overheard people talking about her taking a bullet in her head….
        I would very much like to change this because I don’t have enough time to replay the whole game to this point.:(

  • Jacstar

    Adding extra war assets wont corrupt or change game right? found id’s on bioware forum
    not sure if they cause any future problems going to try some

  • Jacstar

    Checked the id’s they add the details of modifiers like power grid,egg clutch heater, Thranx for geth fleet etc. But their strengths should be added to the base asset separately.

    • Johnny 3D

      I don’t think you’ll encounter game corruption by editing the IDs I listed at least. But always, always backup your saves. I did the mistake of not backing up and it wasn’t pretty…

  • Jacstar

    Can the file for illusive man’s eyes can it be used on default Shepard appearance?
    How to use it?

    • Johnny 3D

      By going to the Player tab and Appearance and loading a preset. BUT this functionality isn’t fully implemented yet. Gib (creator of this tool) is working hard and that options will be working soon…patience.

  • Tiga

    Is it possible to modify your powers? I’ve attempted to change pull into throw under Raw > Player > Powers but when loading the game it changes back into a rank 0 pull and even gives me back the skill points.

    • Johnny 3D

      I guess you need to be the class that has that power…so you need to change your class and then add all the powers associated with that class.

      OR if you start a New Game + game you get to choose a new power, on my NG+ save I have 9 powers. You can try changing New Game+ Count to 1 (RAW->Plot) and then adding (not replacing) the power you want.

      Hope that helped, cheers.

  • Trioxin245

    Is it possible to edit a newgameplus+ save on mass effect 3, and edit the plot of mass effect 2 in it? for example, I romanced Tali, in ME2, would like to have romanced Jack instead. How would I go around to doing this so it could reflect in my current game?

    • Johnny 3D

      Set this ID: 3926 to False and this ID: 5208 to True

      This way, Tali will be “unromanced” and Jack will be romanced.

      Oh, and you can edit a new game+, you can edit whatever save you want, even a chapter save works..

      • Trioxin245

        Tried doing this and still nothing Jack acts normally as if not romanced.

  • Kellemdros

    For maelons data: If you import a game with maelon datas, and eve still dies, check this
    IDS: 2676 and 1456 need to be true, 2677 false XD

  • paregmenon

    How do I make ash true love?

    • Johnny 3D

      This ID: 19724 must be set to True and these IDs: 19729,19722,19723,19726,19725,19835,19838 must be set to False.

  • mnewell83

    In the same theme as Trioxin245, I romanced Jacob, but would have romanced Garrus instead. How would I go about altering this? Thanks!

    • Johnny 3D

      This ID: 3892 must be set to False and this ID: 5207 must be set to True

  • Sho

    Sorry, but I need some help. I romanced Liara in ME1, but then Tali in ME2. I started out intending to romance Tali again in ME2, but changed my mind after I had already shut down Liara. I then shut down Tali, hoping to turn things around, but I think I already missed my chance to lock in the relationship with Liara.

    I want to edit my savegame now to get things back on track with Liara. However, the linked Pastebin ( seems to show no romance-related plot ID’s in the ME3 section. Has this simply not been mapped yet, or does the game rewrite the ME1/ME2 IDs as things go on and I have to edit those?

    • Johnny 3D

      Have this ID: 14169 set to True and if Liara is not romanced than you could try this:

      14169,6927,6931,6815,7051,7035,7151 = True
      14281,1396 = False

      • Sho

        See, that’s kind of the thing … 14169 (LiaraRomanced from the ME1/ME2 table) is already set to True, which makes me think it’s just a record of my romance in ME1, and that ME3 might be using different Plot ID’s altogether to record my later choices in that game.

        OTOH, 19722 (LiaraTrueLove from the same table) isn’t set to True, so maybe that’s going to do the trick. Maybe I’m getting too hung up on the ME1/ME2/ME3 catagorization in the pastebin. Either the *TrueLove stuff is miscategorized there, or the game simply reuses and rewrites those Plot IDs in multiple games, as I speculated earlier.

        BTW, another thing: I’m still before the Quarian missions in ME3, i.e. I still have a fair amount of game left before things will actually get steamy. Do you recommend to already edit the save game now, or do it later? A reason for me to do it now would be if it would mean catching any romance-related dialog before the “main course”, but I don’t know if there actually is any or if the game keeps things generic until then. Do you know? (Or anyone?)

        • Johnny 3D

          I know I romanced both Liara and Ashley (on separate playthroughs) and all the “action” happens on the Citatdel, Liara is easier to romance. I’m pretty sure (not certain) that you actually romance Liara after the Quarians quests.

          Don’t set Liara romanced yet, just unset all the other romances as “unromanced”, if you know what I mean.

          The following contains minor spoilers:

          I don’t know if this is necessary or makes romancing Liara easier but later in the game, after the Ardat-Yakshi mission in the Sanctuary you will need to go to Liara/Javik’s quarters and they will be “fighting”, be prepared for a Paragon action that will support Liara. Also make sure you call Liara up in your room (check your emails regularly), she has something to show you.

          TrueLove ID is set later in the game after you go for the Cerberus Base. If you have “intercourse” with a character in ME3, that will trigger the TrueLove ID to be set to True but that only happens very very late in the game so don’t change it yet.

          Hope I didn’t spoiled anything for you…

          • Sho

            Hmm, seems like things happened in a somewhat different sequence for me …

            Basically, here’s a fuller recap:

            1. ME1: Romanced Liara.
            2. ME2. Romanced Tali.
            3. Shadow Broker: Didn’t get back together with Liara.
            4. ME3, early after meeting Liara: She inquires about the relationship, I turn her down.
            5. ME3, I call her up to the quarters: She shows me the Time Capsule, I go with “just friends”.
            6. ME3, post-Citadel/pre-Quarian: She asks me to join her on the Citadel, talks about her childhood, I change my mind and chose relationship-encouraging options.
            6. ME3, I meed Tali: She asks about the relationship, I turn her down since I’m now interested in Liara.

            So that’s where I’m at, left wondering whether I can still turn things around with Liara. I went googling, and the web tells me that the Presidium Commons scene (#6) is where the “lock-in” is supposed to happen, i.e. the moment where I tell her I want to spend the rest of my life with her. However, that option didn’t present itself, since I was discouraging the relationship earlier. That’s why I wanted to turn to editing.

            BTW, I also did the Ardat-Yakshi monestary mission already, and I do have the Javik DLC … I make the rounds on the Normandy after every mission, and I didn’t walk in on a Liara/Javik fight. Maybe the fight only happens if one pursues the relationship earlier … or maybe it’s because the Presidium Commons scene (#6) happened instead (I think it was just after monestary, but it could also have been after the Ex-Cerb Scientist mission, I don’t recall in which order I did those).

            It’s a complex game … :)

          • Sho

            Ah hm, the Wiki says the Liara/Javik fight happens after Thessia, if one brings Javik along there. I haven’t played that far yet (still about to start the Quarian missions).

  • Johnny 3D

    Yes you’re right, that Javik/Liara conflict happens when you come back from Thessia and Kai Leng escapes. Totally forgot about that.

    Your “life” is a bit complicated but I think you still have time to get Liara in bed with you and make her true love…

    • Sho

      Thanks for your help, I’ll report how it goes :).

  • Golden

    I’m trying to bring back Ashley (who died in my ME1 gameplay) instead of Kaidan (who I have on my crew, but don’t wanna use).

    I set’ve set 13827, 206249,17680 &17665 true (all were false), and 13828, 188702, 17679 &17664 to false (and all those were true), but all I get is ashley’s black silhouette on the ‘choosing crew’ menu, and can’t either find her on Normandy (neither can I find Kaidan anymore).

    Did I miss something or did wrong? Thanks!

  • Ardos

    A few days ago I did the Ardat-Yakshi Monastery mission and apparently missed a Paragon interrupt to keep Samara alive. Does anyone know what needs to be changed for this and/or the War Asset flags?


    • Johnny 3D

      Try setting this ID: 43 to True and this IDs:205,1664 to False

      I’m not sure if it will work but it’s worth a try….if this doesn’t work you’ll probably need to restart the mission or reload a previous save…

      Samara, as a War Asset is worth like 20 points…worthless basically…I don’t have the ID for Samara (War Asset) either.

      • Ardos

        Thanks for replying. Unfortunately all of those were already set as stated. I’d guess they were the ME2 settings. Time to reload! Thanks anyway :]

  • paregmenon

    Is there a way to get my hamster and fish from ME2 in ME3. Going to my cabin for the 1st time didn’t have any fish or hamster.

    • Johnny 3D

      Importing a ME2 savegame should bring your ME2 “pets” into ME3 but I don’t think using this save editor will work for you. Guess you’ve hit a bug….

    • Ardos

      If I remember correctly, you don’t automatically get your fish back. I think Kelly is looking after them and you’ll run into her sooner or later, assuming she survived ME2. As for the hamster, you’ll find that on the lower level of the Engineering deck, where Jack was during ME2. It randomly appears and runs between pipes so you need to try and target and catch it quickly.

  • stef

    Hello ! I’m trying to make Tali Alive (after her suicide…). My team on the normandy consider she as alive but i can’t find her on the normandy and can’t select her for the missions…
    I already tryed this :

    PlotIDSet=(40,2935), PlotIDClear=(202)

    but didn’t word…
    Can someone help me ??

    Thanks !

    • Johnny 3D

      Well, that’s achievable but pretty tricky; you basically to copy-paste some values.

      Go to RAW->Squad and select Henchmen then click those 3 little dots.

      Now copy paste from here:

      Hope that helps.

  • Gundamwarcraft

    I was trying to get kasumi loyalty id code so she won’t die in ‘finding indoctrin hanar mission and help my military. Someone has the code? The code for finish kasumi loyalty mission!

  • Gundamwarcraft

    I was trying to get kasumi loyalty id code so she won’t die in ‘finding indoctrin hanar mission and help my military. Someone has the code? The code for finish kasumi loyalty mission?

  • Nuadin

    As far as the log goes it has for some options something that says PlotInts and PlotCond. Do we need t make changes to those? I’ve determined what PlotInts is (I hope) but am confused as what PlotCond is in reference to. I imagine Plot Conditons but how does that work with the program? For Example I’m trying to set this up:

    54.MirandaRomanced, PlotIDSet=(5209), PlotIDClear=(), PlotInts=((ID=266,V=5)),PlotCond=((C=235,T=777),(C=236,T=778))

    I love Miranda :)

  • Alex

    Guys,can I change my love storyline?for example,I want love relationship with Tali!This editor can do this?

  • Alex

    and what difference between Romanced and TrueLove?

    TaliTrueLove, PlotIDSet=(19726), PlotIDClear=(19731,19722,19724,19723,19725,19835,19838), PlotInts=((ID=272,V=5)),PlotCond=()

    TaliRomanced, PlotIDSet=(3926), PlotIDClear=(), PlotInts=((ID=272,V=5)),PlotCond=((C=235,T=777),(C=232,T=776))

    • Johnny 3D

      If TrueLove is set to True for a character it means you had “intercourse” with (s)he before assaulting TIM’s base. You don’t need to mess with TrueLove ID(s).

      • paregmenon

        Wow thanks for clearing that up so I have to change (19724), PlotIDClear=(19729,19722,19723,19726,19725,19835,19838), to all False and make Romance true?

  • Vedli


    So I tried to add War asserts using the editor to get the necessary amount of EMS in order to see the Sheperd lives clip by editing the Alliance first fleet to 4500 but at while at first it seemed to work (Giving me an EMS of over 5000) when I made my choice I didn’t see the clip and when I went back to check my EMS it had dropped down to 3500. Did I do something wrong? Do I need to edit it differently? Or will the changes not stick no matter what? If it’s something conflicting with your editor you might want to look into it.

    • Vedli

      Addition the Save game I edited was on board the Normandy just before the assault on Earth (so after assaulting TIM’s base) if that helps. Also tried editing an auto save right before you make your choice to save time and it didn’t take then either. Do I need to edit war asserts before assaulting TIM’s base?

      • Johnny 3D

        It shouldn’t matter when you edit your War Assets. It worked fine for me though I did it pretty early in the game.

        I don’t know what to say, it might be a bug or something, having in mind that each and every save file is different….

        What I can say is try not to raise one asset by 1000 points, try to spread them across multiple Assets, here is a list of War Assets IDs that will come in handy:

        • Vedli

          *Does the spoiler dance*

          Hey just wanted to follow-up on my problem. It turns out the game decides what “endings” (such as they are) you get when you begin the assault on the illusive mans base. I did a lot of testing even editing the coalesced file so that the reaper heart/brian you receive at the end of the assault on TIM’s base was worth 2000 and that didn’t help. But setting a few of the resources to 1000 each before the assault got the Sheperd lives ending. So yeah, if someone asks about getting a specific ending they need to have the correct number of war asserts (or edit a save) before the attack on TIMs base.

  • Jay

    Noob question: does this work on xbox saved games and how to do it? i think i missed some sidequest by not going to the citadel right after a priority missions. i cant get over 3200 ems. how do i get to the 5000 ems to achieve the perfect ending. i know it will sound sad but i don’t want my Shep to die.

    • Vedli


      I wouldn’t worry about it to much mate the Sheperd Lives ending is just something they tack on as a bonus reward for people who got 5000 ems through multi-player (which is the only way to get 5000 ems without an editor) or 4000 + plus convincing “someone”.

      If your want to see it watch this and want to know which option to at the end read the description.

  • Xion

    Trying to edit my save to have Kelly Chambers appear in the Citadel. I didn’t invite her to dinner in ME2 for fear that it would ruin a current romance, and apparently you NEEDED to do this… Any help in finding out how to do this would be appreciated.

  • Joshua

    Hey, I was wondering if there is a way to modify the weapons available to you. I had the collector assault rifle in ME2, and I have it in ME3 multiplayer, so that means it should be in single player. Obviously you can’t currently get it through normal means, which is why I want to mod it into my game. Is there a way you can edit the weapons?

    • Johnny 3D

      I wasn’t able to get that weapon and have it available on every mission and I don’t think you can add it to your loadout.

      You could try it though, under RAW – > Player ->Loadout Weapons, but you need to have the correct string for that weapon and I can’t help you here. Even if you knew the string for that weapon it still might be possible the game would crash because the weapon isn’t supposed to be in your “inventory”.

  • asdf

    Is there a way I can bring Miranda back? I forgot to tell her about Kai Lee and she died. Better yet, is there a way I can change that conversation to make sure she knows about Kai lee?

    • Gonzo

      I think it has to do with “CerMir”… but I don’t know how I have this:

      CerMir, PlotIDSet=(18481,18482) ,PlotIDClear=(),PlotInts=((ID=10183,V=18),(ID=10161,V=130000)),PlotCond=())

      IDSet are TRUE, the other I have it on FALSE.

      For me, Miranda died also

      • tete

        Any chances that you have figured out how to edit that with gibbed save editor? i spent about 3 hours for now researching the matter but i couldnt change it.

  • Tiga

    Thanks for your reply earlier. It seems impossible to get powers not originally available to you somehow. I’ve been able to change the bonus power into one I had not unlocked yet, however I can’t use a power not originally part of the bonus powers. So for example, Throw is impossible to get on my Vanguard. I’m quite unhappy with my 2 ammo and Pull powers on Vanguard.
    At first I thought Vanguard would be epicly awesome for Biotic Detonations, but not so much really. Pull doesn’t work as a detonator for example, and with nothing vs shields Vanguard is pretty limited against i.e. Turrets. (Against which you really dont want to be melee-ing.)

    Too bad :(. If you think you know a way to get powers that would otherwise be impossible on that class/char please let me know.

  • triggs89


    Hey i was wondering if this can be used to create an entirely new save. IE i lost my savegame ( I was on the mission where the citadel is under attack and where you are trying to stop the assassin from killing the councilors) and i really cant be assed to play through those missions again.

    Im a male sentinel ( level 20 i think) and generally have always landed on the “good” side in terms of story/ conversation. I have done pretty much all the main side quests too. ( cured the genophage) etc

    Would it be possible to create a save with this tool to bring me back to that point in the story? ( im not TOO miffed if its not exactly the same, just similar/ same people who are alive etc.)


  • Alexandros

    isnt there a way to change your carreer / class ? like with the ME2 editor?
    cant seem to find an option to change it…

  • Alexandros

    nevermind, i got it.
    in case anyone doesnt know..
    3.Squad > Player > ClassName > SFXGame.SFXPawn_PlayerVanguardNonCombat
    just change the name of the class, eg: PlayerAdeptNonCombat

  • Sailor1992

    (Mission=End001,LoadMapName=BioP_Nor, PlotIDSet=(20894,19290,19286),PlotIDClear=(),PlotInts=((ID=10185,V=26),(ID=10303,V=25)),PlotCond=()) & (Mission=End002,LoadMapName=BioP_Nor, PlotIDSet=() ,PlotIDClear=(),PlotInts=((ID=10202,V=21)),PlotCond=()) & (Mission=End003,LoadMapName=BioP_Nor, PlotIDSet=() ,PlotIDClear=(),PlotInts=((ID=10203,V=22)),PlotCond=()).Witch one of this is about good ending i mean perfect ending and how can i use this in my plot in witch side please say it exactly what should i do?

  • Valcor

    Sry, but I have an absolute noob question:

    How can I view the code from the sav file directly. I can open it, but most of the Info is gibberish so I suppose I either use the wrong programm or that I have to “unzip” or do something else with the file first. Any help appreciated, thx.

  • Trippi

    How do I change the status of the Genophage cure? I saved it but I want to destroy it.

  • boof

    Hey benchmark3d, I see you’re helping people out quite a bit and wanted to try and get in on that a little bit.

    Basically… romanced Thane in ME2, want to import and start ME3 but would like the game to think I romanced Garrus in ME2.
    All the IDs from the pastebins relate to romances in ME3.

    Please offer assistance! Seems like it should be a simple switch but I can’t figure it out.


    • Johnny 3D

      Actually the IDs for romance are from ME2. Just import your ME2 save into ME3, save the game when you first can and then simply edit like this:

      5206 to False and 5207 to True, load your save and it should work great.

  • Phyrex

    Does anyone know how to add bonus powers with the editor? (Where and which code (if necessary))?

    I would really like to add Tali’s Defensive Drone and Ashley’s Marksman.

  • Jenove

    So I have a different story. I want to change 2 things from my ME2 Import
    1. Tali is NOT exiled.
    2. Heretics are DESTROYED not rewritted.

    Tips on how to go about doing this would be great.

    Thank you for considering it of you do.

    • Johnny 3D

      Set these to True: 40, 2935, 757 and these toFalse: 202, 759.

      I think you want to make peace between Geth and Quarians right? If you do and don’t get the Paragon response in order to achieve peace, after that particular mission is over you will need to look at this:

      GethPeace, PlotIDSet=(17789), PlotIDClear=(17787,17788

      Changing those IDs will make the game think you made peace between the two but will not add the Quarian/Geth (depending on which ones were saved) War Assets, you will need to add them manually.

  • N71

    Great tools

    I used this to increase the value of Kahlee Sanders ( the one from Grissom biotics facility) from the basic value of 15 into 7000, which increased my war assets beyond 10.000———> even with readiness 50% this enabled me to get best ending ( Destroy, Shepard lives).


  • knytehawkk

    Ok so I screwed up. I romanced Tali in ME2 and wanted to continue it in ME3. However, I talked to Liara before the Quarian mission and managed to start a relationship with her, and now I can’t get Tali back. I have a save from before the Quarian mission, what do I edit to undo the romance with Liara so I can romance Tali?

    • Johnny 3D

      Setting this ID: 14169 to False should do the trick for you.

      • michelangelo

        what ID is for me, when i want remove romance with Specialist Traynor and get back:

        A/ Liara

  • spinxstinks

    I want to romance miranda. Will it pose a problem if i encoded the data for romancedMiranda after our second meeting – the part where she tells me her sister is in danger.

  • Vince

    question… what is the add prothean id… does it mean add javik… if it does, can you add javik without the dlc?

    because ive been hearing that from ashes dlc is in the disc…..
    also dark channel power is from javik if i set it to true will i get it???

    tnx in advance

  • Danathor

    Hi. I have 2 huge problems:
    First: i am german, so sorry my bad english :)
    Second: the last 3 days i played ME1+ME2 to get a savegame that i can import to ME3
    In ME1 i romanced Ashley and killed Wrex
    In ME2 i romanced Tali (Wrex is not on Tushanka=good)
    I imported the ME2 endsavegame to ME3 and the game now thinks:
    Wrex alive, no romance bevor ME2, Tali romanced
    Can anyone fix it to the plots i want to have?
    Wrex dead, Ashley in 1, Tali in 2
    if both romances are not possible only Ash in 1, and no romance in 2
    Pleeeeease? :)

    my savegame can be found here:

    • Johnny 3D

      I can’t even download the file, sorry.

  • Odai1988

    one simple question…

    how can I add the Illusive Mans eys which are located in presets to my charakter in this editor?

    • Johnny 3D

      Well, that feature isn’t working yet, patience…

    • Johnny 3D

      Sorry I was wrong. To import that file you need to:

      1. Go to Raw -> Squad -> Player -> Appearance -> and set Has Morphed Head to True.
      2. Go to Player (first TAB) -> Appearance -> Preset -> Open from File -> Open The Illusive Man’s Eyes.me3appearance and save the save.

      But this doesn’t adds just the eyes, it ads the whole head. I had the generic Sheppard face and after I added that preset I got this:

  • Odai1988

    ok :)

    another thing…

    if I’am searching for the field of paragon and renegade they are not there as they should be :( I can’t find them under Player variables

    • Johnny 3D

      Renegade/Paragon points are now found under RAW -> Plot -> Plot -> Known Variables.

  • Odai1988

    thanks :)

  • Odai1988

    next problem occures :P

    i cant import this one because i have “not a non-default head morph” -.-
    when i created a new career i chosed the standard shepard.

    is their anything i can do about it?

  • Odai1988

    ok i solved the problem when i set “moprhed head” on “True” instead of “False”.
    after this i was able to import it :)

  • lol

    hello benchmark3d how can i brink back ashley w, she died because i forgot to visit her in the hospital in ME3, please help, i cant choose her even that i bring her back alive?

    • Johnny 3D

      I don’t know if this will work but it’s worth a shot:

      1. Make sure this ID 13827 is True and this 13828 is False.
      2. Go to RAW->Squad->under Henchmen Collection add a new member and edit it with the values found in this pic:

      • lol

        thanks :) but its still doesnt work, i can see her on the ship, talk to her but just cant choose her in the menu, i already have 5, maybe thats the problem? also she was in the hench before that, i think there is something telling the game that she died in one mission and that one needs to be set as false, she died when the citadel got assaulted, do you know the possible code?

  • BMMF

    Hi benchmark3d, i have what may or may not be a noob question, depends on if you have faced this situation or not. Anyway, i managed to change a few things from my ME 1 and ME2 playthroughs (used the save editor to nullify my relationship with Ash in ME1 and kept Maelon’s Data in ME2), here’s thing i did this to a imported, mostly completed ME2 playthrough… Now, when i started a new game with the said imported save + changes the gifts in the Sirta Foundation kyosk in Huerta Memorial Hospital were gone…
    Is there any way to add them through the save editor???

    Thanks in advance and sorry if you have already replied to a question like this…

    P.S: Keep the good work…

    • Johnny 3D

      I’m sorry but you can’t add those. Even if the feature is implemented there’s no way in hell someone could decypher the IDs for all the gifts….

  • Revan

    i made kasumi alive in the editor but she is not loyal from me2 is there a way you can make her loyal in the editor?

  • Revan

    also for zaeed how to make him loyal from me2 in the editor?

  • Toast

    Is there a way to set the readiness rating to 100% as to avoid leveling up in multiplayer?

  • bigwoof

    is there a tool that will print out all the 20K+ boolean values in the save file? I have saves right before and after key events (like talking to kelly chambers for the first time and asking her to continue or go into hiding) and a tool that will print the boolean values will allow the decoding of plot flags.

    I looked at the save game source but could not quite figure it out in a short amount of time. figured someone might already have such a tool. if not, i’ll dig into the source a bit more.

    • bigwoof

      even a tool that will convert the save game’s binary format into some text format (json, xml, plain text, whatever) will suffice. I can script the rest.

    • zero51

      I also need to do this, and as it happens it’s for the same purpose.

      Did you have any success? Does anyone else have a solution?

      • bigwoof

        no success yet. but this feature has been raised as an issue and accepted by gibbed

  • Joao

    So is it possible to have ash and Kaidan alive ?

  • Halldor

    Hi Benchmark!
    **Will try not to spoil everything for other readers!**
    I’m doing the Priority: Rannoch and I’m at the very end. I’m trying to get the paragon choice for this but Talis is dead since ME2 (didn’t think it mattered, stupid me) and I’m trying to fix this. I’m at an auto-save right before the last combat and I tried

    bool 40 set to True (was False) – Tali is alive
    bool 2935 set to True (was False) – Tali is admiral
    bool 202 set to False (was True) – Tali is dead
    also paragon and reputation increased.

    Yet she does not appear as the Admiral during the final stage after the fight.

    Any thoughts? Do I need to go further in saves to enable this feature perhaps? Did I miss something else?

    • Johnny 3D

      From my experience you can’t edit the save game and get paragon/renegade responses. Also, for changes done to a save to reflect correctly, you should edit the “Restart last mission” save AKA ChapterSave.pcsav

      Here’s a quote of myself for a previous comment:

      To get the Paragon/Renegade dialogs is a bit difficult. If you want to make peace between the Geth and the Quarians you can’t edit a savegame before or during that mission and expect the dialog options to appear.

      What you can do is: right after the the Rannoch mission (no matter which race has been destroyed, quarians or geth) you edit the savegame and have peace between the two. The problem is that the War Assets will not update automatically and you will have to add the Military Strength of the race destroyed. But I can help here.

      This is the ID(s) you need to edit to have peace between the two:

      GethPeace, PlotIDSet=(17789), PlotIDClear=(17787,17788), PlotInts=(),PlotCond=()

  • Wearemany

    I just have a quick question, and this seem to be the place to ask. Based on the plot tables thing “” I edit a save so that Samara was alive instead of her daughter. Its just before the end game and i finished it. Now if i important it into NG+ play through will it bring her back to life in that play through? Does this logic also hold true across the board?

    • Johnny 3D

      In theory that should work but because every save is different in some many ways things might not go so well. But I’m pretty sure if you make this ID 43 True and this one 205 False and import your ME3 save for a NG+ should have Samara alive.

      If you always set the PlotIDSet to True and PlotIDClear to False everything should work great.

  • Brown

    Is there anyway to alter who I romanced in ME2?

  • Revan

    is there a way to make zaeed and kasumi loyal so they wont die in me3?????????????

  • robert

    i can’t get the editor to do anything i have the .NET Framework 4 installed but still nothing
    please help

  • KelJu

    Fantastic editor!

    There was a glitch in my game that made Tali not appear in ME3. I made it all the way to where I had to decide to save the Quarian or the Geth before I realized that something was wrong, and researched into when Tali was suppose to show up. I’m not playing through 13 hours just to get Tali. I checked my save from ME2, and she lived, but for whatever reason, bool 40 was set to false in my ME3 save. I switched it to true, and restarted the save from right before I visited to Quarian, and like magic she showed up.

    My question is this, do you know if there are any other switches that I need to set so that I can start this part of the game and save both the Quarian and the Geth? I don;t want to play anymore until I get this fixed.

    • Halldor

      Pretty much same problem except Tali died for me in ME2. I don’t want to proceed until I know I can save both races.
      btw How far back did you have to go for her to appear to you as admiral?

  • Laimis

    ADoes player editor works?

  • lol

    benchmark3d, so is there anyway to bring ashley back? cos i forgot to visit her at the hospital. i did enter that code, it worked i mean i can see her on the ship and talk to her but when it comes to choose the crew shes in black and i cant select her, i have 5 people in the crew, is there any limit? shes also in the henchmen too but its still the same? is there any code that says that i visited her at the hospital or a code that says she didnt die at the citadel invasion? it would be nice to bring back a lot of characters because they died, maybe i didnt get enough reputation because i didnt import from 2 because john died there so i started a new one in 3

  • prozan


    I’ve got a Sanctuary savegame just before entering room where Miranda, her sister and her father are. I want her to keep alive, but she dies whatever i do.
    How shoud i change savegame values (plot id’s) to keep her alive?

  • Lach

    Works fine for me, thanks:)) !

  • Mike


    I am not sure this really works . I was just short of the 4000 EMS mark , and used it but despite this my Shepard died , although I saved Anderson and picked the Destroy option .

  • Viktor

    Link is broken.

  • jinxes

    Just a question about romance with other characters. Can I have more than one romance using this editor? Will there be any consequences?

  • skrus

    context: i romanced liara in ME1, romanced thane in ME2, want to get back with liara in ME3, but accidentally went back to thane, and liara found out, how do i undo this?

    • Wesley

      I have the same issue!! I thought surely after Thane died I would be able to get her to stop giving me the cold shoulder, but no! She isn’t an option anymore, it would seem, and that is really bumming me out! Let me know if you get a response to this!!!

  • Harlequin

    What do I have to change in order to save both Tali and Legion?

    • Maximo

      You only can save Tali, Legion you die anyway, the best thing to do is achieve peace between Geth and Quarians.

  • HuntREE

    LINK 404

  • Harlequin

    For ppl who get the 404.

  • Maximo

    If someone know the plot id make Miranda loyalty, from the ME2 mission “Miranda: The Prodigal”. I don´t using ME2 save, i a have problens to make a “good ending”.


    • Maximo

      If someone need the answer, you need to put TrueLove Plot IDs for Miranda: 21750.
      I Don´t use the ME2 save to have her loyalty.

  • Xello

    I would owe you a thousand favours if you told me how to use this to make the Geth Server mission complete. My problem is I have started the Priority Rannoch mission and I cannot save both geth and quarian because i missed the geth server mission. Help!

  • robert

    link doesn’t work

  • lol

    is there any way to save miranda on the horizon? btw i figured out how to bring ashley back, i had to edit the chapter save. i already did the mission and i now just want to bring her back, is there anyway to edit that?

  • Paul

    Is there a way to adjust credits with the editor, the game just glitched and reset my amour, casual appearance, credits and medigel (don’t know about the capacity bit yet thought) to the original starting values when I restarted, I would like to reset my credits at least. You had that funtionality very nicley integrated in the ME2 editor.

  • Stoyan

    Can anyone help me identify the Krogan: Bomb mission? I goofed and did the priority mission on Tuchanka first.

    • Stoyan

      Tuchanka: Bomb*

  • Mike

    I’m having a problem. All 12 of my squadmates survived the suicide mission in ME2, including Mordin; yet when I go to Sur’Kesh, Padok Wiks is in his place. I checked the Plot IDs and I found this line:

    “MordinAlive, PlotIDSet=(41), PlotIDClear=(203), PlotInts=(),PlotCond=()”

    Checking the save file with the editor shows that 41=true and 203=false, just like it should. Why isn’t Mordin showing up and how can I fix this?!?

    • Mike

      Nevermind, I fixed it.

  • Asmod

    I am trying to edit my reputation so I can get the quarians and the geth to make peace but nothing changes in game when I change the reputation variable

    • Maximo

      I found this on gamespot, posted by orkusl. Worked for me.

      Sorry for poor english.

      Thanks for author of this
      But it has mistakes(in what plot of me3 and me2).

      plot of me2 is about 1 – 8000 id
      plot of me1 is about 8000 – 16000 id

      As it said

      In order to achieve peace between the two races, you need to get 5 to 7 points. These points are based on your ME2 and ME3 decisions. If you have 4 points or below, you cannot achieve peace.

      -Rewrote the Heretics (0 points)
      -Destroyed the Heretics (+2 points)
      -Tali is NOT exiled (+2 points)
      -Tali has been exiled/You did not do the Loyalty Mission (0 points)
      -Resolved Legion/Tali conflict either using the Paragon or Renegade options (+1 point)

      -N7 Mission: Save the Admiral on Rannoch in ME3 (+1 point)
      -N7 Mission: Destroy Geth Squadron on Rannoch in ME3 (+1 point)

      To do peace with save editor
      set this to true bifore killing the reaper(I don`t import save from me2)
      LegionAlive – 36
      TaliAlive – 40
      LegionNew – 1247
      Resolved Legion/Tali conflict – 1585,1499 (This i find myself.A do not now what exactly it is. But it works for me)

      and some of this if you have not enough points

      HereticsDead – 757(my сhoice)
      HereticsRewritten – 759
      Tali is NOT exiled – 2935

      PlayedME2 – 1456
      GethPeace – 17789

      1456 does not need.
      17789 is set by the game itself after the mission(when i change it myself it cause errors in game)

      • Asmod

        Thx this worked :D

      • triggs89


        maximo said the following…
        “To do peace with save editor
        set this to true bifore killing the reaper(I don`t import save from me2)
        LegionAlive – 36
        TaliAlive – 40
        LegionNew – 1247
        Resolved Legion/Tali conflict – 1585,1499 (This i find myself.A do not now what exactly it is. But it works for me)

        and some of this if you have not enough points

        HereticsDead – 757(my сhoice)
        HereticsRewritten – 759
        Tali is NOT exiled – 2935

        PlayedME2 – 1456
        GethPeace – 17789

        1456 does not need.
        17789 is set by the game itself after the mission(when i change it myself it cause errors in game)”

        this makes no sense, where are all the options he talks about? ( not to sound ungrateful :P) i want to make peace between the geth and quarians and obviously need to alter the plot enough ( in relation to the ME1/2 games) to be able to do so.

        Could someone who has a better idea of what he is talking about please give me a run through of what to do. I dont have a ME1/2 save imported at the moment. Is this the issue? are all these options in the ME1/2 save and have to edited there? If so how would i go about creating a new mass effect 3 save from my current me3 save and adding the ME1/2 options into it to be able to broker a peace between the two?/ just any clear help would be muchly appreciated :)

        thanks in advance :D

        • Terry

          I had to figure this out myself but if you go into Gibbed, go to Raw once you’ve opened up a save and scroll down to plot, you can open up the boolean collection editor by clicking the … by Bool Variables. From there, scroll through the numbers to find those digits, 36 etc etc and change the values to True.

  • michelangelo

    I wanted change romance like others! I didnt know, that, I can have only one romance at ME3, so didnt care, when I went to shower with specialist, but it ruined my ME2 relationships with Liara and Jack. I want pick one of them, becouse night before battle, with girl from shower, is disapointing and flat!

    Anyone sucesfully changed saves to solve simular problem? Or editor dont allow us to change it?

    Thanks, M.

    • michelangelo

      I just want edit save before last battle (starts by talk with general at comunication hub), to get proper feel of last game part + romance scene with ideal partner :)

      No solution?

  • Crowen

    Hm, strange, somehow I don’t have new save game option in the game any more, after editing with this tool. Little help?

  • Brown

    Sorry about this question, what is, and how exactly do I set the values marked as PlotCond= ?

  • death

    What do I do to get all the characters from ME2?

    I didn’t get Kasumi

    • michelangelo

      Like team member? I dont thing so, its possible at ME3. I’ve met her once somewhere, just for a moment.

  • death

    I mean add her in for that part where you meet her in the Citadel so I can get her as a war asset and also have the better war assets of both the hannar and the spectres

  • WaRMachinE

    Where can i change the EMS? Can’t seem to find it… :/

  • michelangelo


    How about make editor only for romances? At this one i cant find it, I am not IT positive and I haven’t even clue, where romance are infos. It was a way easier at ME2 editor.

  • Lilybel

    I romanced Kaidan on ME1 and Thane on ME2, now I want to remove my romance with Thane to be 100% faithful to Thane. I got his code:
    ThaneRomanced = 5206
    and I set it to False (unchecked the box)
    But Thane still calls me Siha and Kaidan is still jealous. Am I missing something?

  • IKingJeremy

    I have spent about 7 hours trying to save Miranda and cant do it. The fact is if you break up with her the first time you see her on the citadel in the loading docks there is NO WAY TO SAVE HER even if you meet her the other times, warn her, give her the intel, and all that other stuff. I have a save right before you meet her and a few ones before that but I cant edit it to save her no matter what. I have edited
    20182 True
    20183 True
    20741 True
    22698 True
    21872 True
    21873 False

    AND I have edited it so that I never romanced Miranda at all in the 2nd game and she STILL dies. There is a line somewhere that says that I broke up with her in the 3rd game and if I can find out what that is I can save her but I dont know what that line is.

    I found some information at

    But so far I have not been able to save her. PLEASE HELP.

  • IKingJeremy

    vekkth wrote this:

    I spent around 5 hours spread in 4-5 days to make this work, and i hope this info might help someone who got cought desperately as i did :) More on that later. Also check the bottom of the post for some PlotID bool values to use with Gibbed save editor for those who are desperate.

    Here are the things you have to do to make her live in the end of Horizon Sanctuary mission:

    Make her fully loyal in ME2. edit It is reported that you do not have to make her fully loyal, but you must complete her loyality mission.

    Make her survive Suicidal Mission (obviously).

    If you romanced her at any point, do not break up with her. edit It is reported that you can break up with her in ME2, just not in ME3. It is also rumored that you can break up with her in the hotel room (meeting 3) but you cant do that during first meeting – this will kill her definitely.

    Meet her at the Docs in the Citadel BEFORE Cerebrus attack on the Citadel. Talk to her nicely and ask how you might help.

    Read Kai Leng dossier on your (or Shadow Brokers, not sure wich) terminal after you encounter him before talking to MIranda again. edit reported as unnecessary.

    Talk to Miranda through Spectre terminal on Citadel, and warn her about Kai Leng (make sure she responds with “I will make myself ready” or something)

    Meet her on the Citadel later, and when asked for Alliance resources for some operation, give them to her.

    At the end of the Horizon, use Paragon/Renegade option while talking to her father.

    This should keep her alive. If you miss any of the above mentioned, she dies. I did miss the first meeting at the Docs, and was stuck with her dead. So i did some research for my situation and while helping some people. Here are some Plot IDs you might find helping.

    1. First meeting in the Citadel with positive outcome (ask her about her situation and promise to help).

    20182 True
    20183 True
    20741 True
    22698 True

    2. Second meeting via Specters terminal – we do not have the data yet, so if you do, please share.
    3. Third meeting in person on the Citadel – give her the resources she asks

    21872 True
    21873 False

    4. Miranda BreakUp: finally, thanks to Jereee, we have PlotIDs for breaking up with her in ME3.
    If you did break up and you have changed your mind and want to keep Miranda alive, set

    21751 False

    Hope this helps :) Mad props to @gibbed for his tool and @rsanchezsaez for a working hack i used to export and compare plot bool variables, BossBast1 and Jereee for providing me saves at turning points.

  • Rizsaa

    IF I might asked, How the hell can I make the Persuasive Con. in Rannoch mission where Tali’s & Legion’s race are gonna be “puff” from existance, appeared back?…. I played once & added the file & surprisingly “IT” works for the first time BUT when I created new game & did the same thing, It just when blank??? Shit, I’m sooo frustrated right now……

    Any “savior” care to help??? GOT any clue that could save me from depression?? XD TQ

  • monies

    How do you change the loyalty of ME2 character?

  • Detroilen

    Just a question about the skill points. When I edit them, go into game and distribute them, then save and exit the game. It just resets all the skills I put the points into and leaves me with the leftover skill points from before. Any help?

  • rob

    i can’t edit anyting its all just blank someone please help

  • bwjobiwan

    —– SPOILER ——-

    Hey, I have a question.

    I did missions on Tuchanka, and then decided to visit the Citadel. I was suprised to found that it has been attacked by Cerberus. I read on forums and came to conclusion, that now I won’t be able to accomplish my sidequests and romances with Miranda&Ashley.

    I wonder if I can erase from my savegame missions on Tuchanka and do them after visiting Citadel?
    I would be glad for your answers!


  • bwjobiwan

    It’s me again.

    I’ve found ID’s of two quests that I wanted to erase (tuchanka: bomb and priory:tuchanka) and then deleted it from quests id using savegameeditor.

    When I launched the game, I was prompted that I’ve got two new quests (ones that I erased). I was happy and thought that it did the trick. However, when I went to galaxy map I found, that tuchanka is blank and I’ve got no missions to do there :( then went to Citadel and it’s still under Cerberus fire.

    Anyone? Do I really have to start a new game in order to do citadel quests (by myself, not by editing save) and continue romance with Ash and Miranda?

  • Jbruce

    Kasumi Loyal:
    set id 37 to true and plot clear 199 ( for her to be alive if you did not import her from ME2)
    set 182 to true for her to be loyal.Kind of mixed up, she will mention the greybox but in the later conversation mentions that Shephard should have helped her 6 months ago,however, while saving the Ambassador she will survive and you gain her, the Hanar/Drell forces as well as the spectre force.

    • Progress_Now

      hey bro, do you happen to know how to make Zaeed fully loyal in ME2? I got the damned Zorya glitch (look it up) and there’s no way for me to play his loyalty mission. do you know how can I mark that mission completed in the ME2 Gibbed editor, and mark him fully loyal with mine and his unlocked bonus power?
      checking the proper boxes in the Plot tab –> henchmen doesn’t completely work because the mission remains unplayed. i’d be so grateful!

  • michelangelo

    Does anyone know what ID i have to set for:

    A. Remove romances with Samantha Traynor, trought all game.
    B. Add romance sequnces trough all game with Jack.

    Maybe if anyone have SAVE with theese romance, i can edit my save by that.


  • Dainster

    I dunno, but I want to know the opposite (to set it with Traynor and remove current (not Jack)).

  • alex

    How is it possible to remove Kaiden and add Ashley? I want to add her before my second play through of ME3.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Shaun

    Okay, I locked in the romance with Kelly Chambers by mistake. Wanted to lock in with Traynor instead. Who knows the variables to make this happen in the save edit?

  • khycker

    i want to remove the romance with miranda, how do i do that?

    i tried setting 5209 to False but it still triggers the scene when she asks me about “us”.. help please.. :)

  • Graham

    This is gonna sound stupid, but I can’t even open my save with the program. I put it on a flash drive and have it in my computer, when I look in the folder with the program nothing comes up.

  • John Shepard

    I have a problem :) .

    I want to play with my created save and no results .
    Error : The selected savegame cannot be loaded . The following downloadable is missing : From Ashes .

  • michelangelo

    New version UP! Still no user friendly romance edits. :(

  • talifag

    What should i change to romance with Tali except Traynor, if i didnt save my me2 save?

  • DemonDZ

    Hey, I am having problems with the PlotInts and PlotCond, I am pretty sure they stand for Plot Integer and Plot Condition, but I am not sure what to set to true and false. In my example I’m trying to edit my Female Shepard to have romanced Garrus in ME2 and while I get that PlotIDSet 5207 is True the other codes are confusing me… hmm… Guess I could try finding a save were he was romanced in ME2 and just copy that

  • Indiana

    Please, who knows how to set in this save editor, that my femshep cheats on Kaidan with Jacob in ME2? I´d like to see a bit different romance options (yeah, few different sentences) in ME3, thanks!

  • Futer

    Hi my english very bad sorry :-)
    I end mission on Rannoch and Quarian + Tali dead.
    I use Save Editor
    GethPeace, PlotIDSet=(17789), PlotIDClear=(17787,17788), PlotInts=(),PlotCond=()

    Tali is in Board Normandy and Geth peace with Quarian.

    Problem is I’m nothing choose tali on mission.

    thx for advice

    • YakYak

      This is what I’d like to know also…
      Tali is alive…
      Peace with Geth..
      But can’t select tali for missions :/

  • Darius Faux

    Hello to Whom It May Concern
    I am having a hardtime activating the garrus romance option within the editor, i know exactly when the moment is but for some reason it won’t activate nor does any sign show that it did work, i wanted to know if there is something that i am doing wrong
    Thank you for your time

  • Ty

    Just need one thing I am stuck on. I edited my Talent points in my ME3 save, and it worked, however, it appears either everytime I finish a mission, or level up, my Talent points get reset, and I have to allocate them again, except after everything is reset, my Talent Point pool still shows me as having used all my points, so essentially, I am left with a character who has no sklls, and just levels up. I have to constantly edit my saves and add talent points before every mission, Its hella annoying,.

  • Arhou

    is there a way to save both the geth and the quarians cauze i can’t really find it in the editor :S and i hate it to see Tali die or see an intire fleet explode…

  • Sj

    Thank you! You designed a great program here :)

  • HakkyounTenshi

    How can you edit the game to make it think you invited Kelly to dinner in your cabin? I would like to get my fish back and this seems the only way to do it.

  • QuartermasterMay

    I am aware it takes time to get all the plot id’s etc ‘n all, but i’ve come a cropper with Zaeed’s loyalty. I was wondering if there is any ETA perhaps on when an ID for his loyalty would be available, so he doesn’t get himself killed.

  • rourkan46

    How does the reputation bar thing work? I see a “Reputation” in the editor, and it has the number 2 next to it. Does that mean I have two bars of reputation?

  • ermac

    is there a way to reset aria’s eclipse quest or a way to set it to finished acquiring all rewards? (due to some bug i cannot complete it)

  • Igor

    Kelly chambers is not codex entries, how to fix it

  • Hannah

    What does PlotInts Mean?

  • jack

    how do i put the game at the beginning of ‘citadel: the return’ ?

  • paregmenon

    Anyone know the bool for for Dr. Chloe michel to recognize you on the 1st vist to Ash?

  • Laylah

    Hello. I have no ME2 save. After trying every possible option to no avail, finally I found an easy way to save both Quarian and Geth using Gibbed’s Editor (revision 85):

    Under Mass Effect 3 tag > Missions > Integers there is an option “Priority Rannoch. Points toward Geth and Quarian peace (need minimum 5 points to enable paragon/renegade peace dialogue)”. I set it to 5 and voilà! I got the option to save both races and a nice cut scene after.

    I think it works whathever options you picked before, but I don’t feel like playing it once again right now. Hope it helps.

  • NdieZ

    Hi guys, I’m not sure if it’s the best place for this, but I’m so desperate to get everything perfectly done in ME3. As I played those missions all over again, something went wrong in Priority: Tuchanka. I had Wrex alive and kicking asses, and I saved Maelon’s data in ME2, but once I reached the Shroud, Mordin told me Eve was dead. Can somebody help me with the Gibbed Save Editor? I have spent hours trying to get Eve back to life, but still no luck what so ever. So, if anybody happens to know the fu**ing ID for this in Gibbed Save Editor, please DO HELP ME!! Thad’b be greatly apprecited! Thanks.

    ps. repeated the mission 2 times, and still no use :(

    • Eicca

      Perhaps you were too slow to reach the Shroud. Try a restarting the mission and play it faster.

  • lclaymaz

    Amazing tool! Made Mass Effect 3 playable. btw, if you’re still wondering how to get enough military strength to get the best ending, just add STRENGTH to any of the GAWAssets Collection under RAW. it’s not tricky, just add a big number!

  • lclaymaz

    btw, to previous poster, I could be wrong, but I think Eve’s death is plot-induced (unpreventable).

    • TruTh

      Um Eves death is preventable. In mine she and Rex survive to lead the Krogan Rex was even talking of partitioning Council acceptance and Eve promised Mordin she would keep Rex in check….. Have you played the game with ME2 saves included perfect paragon saves from ME1 ME2 they carry parts from each through…Comment is narrow minded

  • NdieZ

    Nope, eve is not supposed to die if you did everything correctly in ME 2. I went to BioWare forum to ask about this matter, and they all find no trouble keeping eve alive, and eventually got pregnant by wrex. It must be glitch or something. I really need someone to find the plot ID for gibbed save editor to solve this problem.

    and for your war asset, just make sure you do all the side missions, they are really worth it. I did not use save editor in my first play through and I got the best ending where shepard lives.

    • Eicca

      There is no “Best ending where Shepard lives”

      Best ending is Synthesis, and requires Shepard to die.
      Paragon (blue) ending is NOT the “best” ending just for being a nice guy, and technically Shepard also dies.

      • Kryz

        Your spoiler didn’t work, also there is a third ending, can’t remember the specifics, but its called ‘the best ending’ sorry to break it to ya.

  • NdieZ

    alright guys, let’s do this. can you give me your save file, I want to compare it side by side with mine. but only if you have eve alive. :) thanks.

  • Deus Leonis

    anyone know what the relationship integers are between Tali & Garrus?
    (i mean between the both of them)
    I recently changed my partner from Liara to Tali using the latest version of gibbed, and im getting all the Major romance cutscenes, the problem is that the normandy conversations between Tali & Garrus are still set as if shep & tali are not together.
    (they are flirting which happens if sheps not romancing tali)
    (btw i checked the vids and know the diff between the conversations)

  • nick

    what is the plot id for the reaper base?

  • Rocky Jay

    Hi there, just wann ask how am i be able to increase the health. I tried changing the “current health”, but it didn’t have any effect on the game. Need help. Tnx a lot.

  • Thrawn

    A small question about the Shadow Broker DLC (didn’t get it) :
    If I want ME3 to consider I played it, what am I supposed to do ?
    Should I tick all A/B/C/D/E completed mission, or only one of them ?

    Thanks in advance for the answer :)

  • Mjcalvo

    I read most of the comments but I didn’t find the answer.

    Can someone tell me what is the max value for the following variables:
    -Renegade points.
    -Paragon points.

    Thanks! Have a nice day.

  • nick

    hi guys
    i need help
    i am at the reaper base. If anyone has a save file past the base for me to compare
    i would like that. please let me know

  • Noah

    This is probobly a stupid question but here goes… I dont get where im supposed to put these ID’s and how im supposed to put them in. I hope that makes sense.


    what do you need 2 use 2 rehash an resign this for xbox ?

  • Gremlyn

    Hey BenchmarK3D,

    Quite fortunate in that my main playthrough went really well, however I’ve got a few quick queries and you seem the person to ask! Answer as many or as few as you have time! Thanks in advance :)

    1) What’s the difference between the following two entries (Ash vs. Ashley romanced) in the pastebin of IDs:

    AshleyRomanced, PlotIDSet=(14281,13827), PlotIDClear=(14169,6931,6941,13828), PlotInts=((ID=10017,V=4)),PlotCond=()

    AshRomanced, PlotIDSet=(14281,13827), PlotIDClear=(14169,6931,6941,13828), PlotInts=((ID=10017,V=4)),PlotCond=()

    I romanced Ashley in ME1, the Miranda in ME2 and then in ME3, though I didn’t give her the book, I visited her frequently and chose all the good dialogue options etc. I never got further than her saying she was almost ready to give it another shot. Am trying to get her as a True Love for my ME3 ending.

    2) I missed the side quest where you help Grissom Academy and thus Jack died on my playthrough, which felt like a big deal as so far I’ve kept EVERYONE alive who wasn’t a compulsory death :( Which values must I edit to keep her alive?

    3) To clarify (question addressed to everyone), the ending readiness can only be edited to affect the ending if done before assaulting the Illusive Man’s base?

    4) Can you add Kasumi and Zaeed as squadmates (and make loyal) without having purchased the relevant DLCs?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Niko Bews

      2) Grissom Academy changes this bools:

      17663 => false
      17667 => false
      18694 => true
      19709 => true
      19710 => false
      19711 => true
      21003 => false
      21321 => false
      22399 => false
      22435 => true
      22457 => true

      3) I think it’s possible, at least for Kasumi. Try to download my version of this editor and check all checkboxes tagged [Citadel: Hanar Diplomat] in Plot -> ME3 -> Missions -> Flags. Also check “DLC: Kasumi” in ME2 -> Missions (one of them) and “Kasumi acquired” & “Kasumi is loyal” in ME2 -> Henchmen. That might work.

  • Shepard

    so, in mass effect 3 Miranda dies, but i want her alive. she was loyal in me2, but i didnt warn here about Kai Leng. Can i edit my mass effect 3 save to save Miranda?

    • l


      • NEONgamingutube

        you can you retard…

    • NEONgamingutube

      Yes you can don’t mind that retard impersonating shepard…

  • Shepard

    i guess this treat is dead :(

  • Manoa

    If I trueloved someone lets say Jack, (from after Citadel II) could I still romance with someone else?

  • tech2446­k
    ems above 10000 save game
    last mission save see all end
    galactic readiness 100%

  • Joel

    I by mistakenly deleted the career, How can I recover it

  • Maliken

    Oh dear lord. What is this?! So i cant go into “flags” and change stuff there? i have to do stuff like this add “booleans” and all of this ;_; all i want to do is to try out a femshep whom romanced Liara in ME1 and ME2 and then find out what happenes in ME3… And there is no “wiki” for this or anything. Can someone reply me on this? because if someone would like to help me with this i would be so happy. Thanks in advance!

  • Huborf

    Does anybody know hoe to edit the file for all cerberus crewmate (12) alive from me2?

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  • Steven

    Where do you find the GAWAssets Collection? I’ve wanted to add one, but I can’t seem to find it in the Raw data.

  • Niko Bews

    I’ve added *dump-save feature* to this save editor, so now you can easy find any plot id you want. Just open save file before the mission, save dump.txt files (they are in program folder). Then open save after the mession is complite and compare dump.txt files (using WinMerge for example).

    Using this, I’ve found all plot ids from “Citadel: Hanar Diplomat” (they are in “Plot” tab now).

    Download link:

  • HightoDie

    What is the Bool for Shepard’s facial scars and Kelly’s Romance? Will there be another update for the editor?.

    • HightoDie

      Never mind, I didn’t see that there was an option for it. Set Boolean 3817 to True for Kelly.

  • wolfe

    can you please help me with Conrad’s Dark Energy Dissertation?
    My bool ID=183 was originally set to true but I couldn’t find the DED war asset. I tried setting it to false but I have the same result…

    • wolfe

      never mind, I figured it out. Thanks!

  • tessellate

    Hi! Can somebody help me to rewrite the save file in order to have the hanar diplomat quest completed with Kasumi (in me2 she survived and kept the greybox)? Cause I didn’t get this quest at all and now I can’t meet her in casino or invite to the party. And reeeealy want to!
    Thank you and sorry for my english (I’m just studying it) :)

  • RdRdGhD

    Hello all, I’ve been searching for a while what coding ensues so the
    “Invite EDI” option reappears within the save editor, but for most of
    the day without luck, I cannot figure it out for the life of me.
    Apparently I ran into a bug in the Citadel DLC that transitioned scenes
    from what should of been inviting EDI up for her 1 on 1 encounter, to
    trying to start the party with either energetic or quiet with Glyph.
    Henceforth, I believe it skipped it entirely. I sadly don’t have an
    earlier save as I didn’t think this DLC would have such a silly bug.

    I’m trying to get at is, within the Raw data of the editor and under
    plot, is there a way to make “Invite EDI” reappear on the console, as
    well as set the “Citadel : Party” mission back to when I needed to get
    the supplies? If anyone could help out, it would save me probably weeks
    of work to do. Thank you!

  • Frank

    There is smth i cant understand, no matter what i do in save editor, tali stays alive

  • Ömer Burak Kılcan

    hey my hanar diplomat mission bugged out so ı passed it now im almost at the end of the game(playing citadel dlc) so kasumi is no where to be found i flagged hanar diplomat but ı still can’t find her device what can ı do?

  • Gago

    Does anyone know what Conrad Verner’s ID is?I got him killed with one of my char but I want him back through the save editor.

  • MJ

    Is there a way to get Miranda to the Citadel party before completing the Horizon mission? Or activating the Horizon mission sooner?

  • Wilco

    I tried to find a Gibbed code for removing the “quick” romance with Jack in Mass effect 2 from the mass 3. I played it cool during the ME2 and wanted to keep with Ash a clean slate. Well it did not work out in ME3 because of this damn Jack incident.
    Took me about 3 hours to track the binary to remove the quick romance.
    To remove the quick romance with Jack change with Gibbed editos : PlotIDClear 3408 (= false)
    That should do it.
    No longer does Ash give me crap about liking bold women. It might help with other romances also if you had too much fun with Jack.

  • Edoardo Patrizi

    hello guys,i want to ask you if is it possible to save mordin with gibbed save editor and wrex alive