Intel’s i7 Mobile “Haswell” Chips Available in April 2013

Intel Haswell Logo

Intel’s high end mobile i7 chips, codenamed Haswell, will arrive in April next year. All these CPUs feature HyperThreading and a integrated graphics processor (IGP) in the form of a Intel HD 4000 or 4600.

There are a few concerns around Intel’s possible decision to get rid of the conventional CPU sockets and solder the CPU directly to the MB. Earlier this month, Intel announced that they “will continue to manufacture socketed CPUs for the foreseeable future”. Though leaked information shows that Haswell will be the last conventional socketed CPU !. If this is the future of PCs, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore :) . Though with new sockets and chipsets coming every so often, this “change” doesn’t have the impact it would have had a few years ago.

Again, unofficial information says that the H (Lynx Point H) series of Haswell CPUs will be soldered directly on to the motherboard, BGA = ball-grid-array.

The new mobile i7s will feature clock speeds between 2700 and 3000 Mhz; Intel Boost adds extra 800 Mhz to the first two cores or 700 Mhz to all four cores. TDP raging from 45 to 57W.

Intel “Haswell” Mobile I7 Specifications

Intel Haswell