How to Test your PCI Express Slot Speed

Ever wondered how fast is your motherboard’s PCIe slot? Or how fast data is transmitted between CPU or GPU? Wonder no more !

If you want to see how fast data is sent from your CPU (Central Processing Unit) to your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and GPU to CPU you can use a tool supplied by AMD that’s called “PCIe Speed Test”.
Current version of this program is 0.2 and you can download it here:

Download Link

Download PCIe Speed Test v0.2

Here’s a screenshot of the program:

PCIe Speed Test

  • David

    Didn’t work for me. Got the error code ‘aticalrt.dll not found’ upon attempted execution.

  • Pau no seu rabo

    Pure shit,.

  • Blameless

    Only works for AMD cards, which is why it’s looking for an ati dll.

    Works well on supported parts.