Black Ops: Windows 7 vs Windows XP Benchmark

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I know I should have done this a while ago but I’ve been waiting for patches hoping things will get finally fixed. Although patches so far were somewhat good and improvements were brought to the game I can’t really say that I’m satisfied.

Windows 7:

  • In Windows 7 map loading times are horrible, I have to wait up to 40 secs for a map to load, I always miss the 1st round in Search & Destroy games and this really pisses me off. I’m a big fan of S&D games.
  • After the map loads I have to wait 20-30 seconds before the game gets playable, in that time I’m a sitting duck.
  • Even after those 30 seconds the game hangs for a few “microseconds” from time to time. And this always gets me killed. Yesterday I played a game of FFA, I was 1 frag short from Huey, saw somebody and when I wanted to aim the game froze for half a second and I ended up losing the game by 2 frags, no Huey :( (I think this was the final drop before installing XP)
  • I get FPS drops of over 60% on some parts of the maps. So from 90 fps it goes to 30 fps which is very annoying. You’ll see later that in Windows 7 FPS is haotic and not stable at all !
  • After exiting the game I always have to wait for 2 minutes before my computer becomes responsive (I am 90% sure that this is from having just 2 GB of ram, but this is about to change)
  • Windows XP:

  • In Windows XP map loading times are bit more short. First map loading time was about the same as Windows 7 but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc were twice as fast, about 20 seconds.
  • After the map loads I didn’t have to wait before Black Ops was playable WoHoo.
  • The game was smooth as baby’s ass, no stutter, no hangs. Black Ops transformed in a enjoyable game.
  • No FPS drops whatsoever, constant 90 FPS, no more than 15% drops. Excellent !
  • After exiting the game no more waiting time before OS becomes responsive.
  • Windows XP is the better OS for running Call of Duty Black Ops. I knew Black Ops would perform faster in XP, people all over the Internet were saying that their FPS was improved 10-20% but I never expected the gameplay to be so fluid, it’s unbelievable.

    Here are the charts comparing Black Ops performance in Windows 7 and Windows XP:

    As you can see in Windows XP FPS is stable with no big drops, Windows 7 is all over the place.

    Black Ops FPS

    In Windows XP more frames are rendered in the same time (60 seconds).

    Black Ops FrameTimes

    This one speaks for itself.

    Black Ops MinMaxAvg


    Black Ops performs way way better in Windows XP than Windows 7.

    Windows XP Windows 7
    Constant FPS FPS Drops of more Than 60%
    Half Map Loading Times for 2nd,3rd etc Load Big Map Loading Times
    Fluid Gameplay, No Hangs Hangs from Time to Time
    No Waiting for Black Ops to Become Playable 30 Seconds before Black Ops Becomes Playable
    OS is Responsive immediately after Exiting Black Ops Wait before OS is Responsive after Exiting Black Ops

    So what should you do? Should you go back for XP? No, XP is half the operating system Windows 7 is. You shouldn’t give up on 7 just because a game doesn’t perform that good.

    The thing you should do is Dual Boot Windows XP and Windows 7. I did this and I don’t mind waiting for Windows XP to boot up before playing Black Ops, at least I will be able to play it without any troubles !

    Here are my PC specs:

    Windows 7 x64 SP1 RTM vs Windows XP x86 SP3 | Windows 7 x86 SP1 RTM
    Gigabyte P43-ES3G rev1.0
    E5200 @ 3.3 Ghz
    2 GB Ram @ 800 MHZ
    HD5750 1 GB ( Catalyst 10.12)
    Samsung HD7531LJ 750 GB (AHCI enabled in both OS)

    RAM usage:

    Windows XP took 400 MB before entering Black Ops
    Windows 7 took 700 MB before entering Black Ops

    Game Settings:

    Black Ops Settings


  • Forgot to mention that I have not edited config_mp.cfg or config.cfg in any way, no commands were added or edited.
  • Worked my ass off but managed to benchmark Windows 7 x86 too, hope you enjoy
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    • egg

      Black Ops is sh*t It uses DX9 so it would run better on an old piece of sh*t PC with the the same OS that Jesus used to e-mail his disciples!

      • egg

        and also the game is only 32x
        try the same test with xp 64x
        also try
        AA maxed
        AF maxed
        and make sure nothing is on auto
        I have played this game maxed out @ 1080p on win7 with AMD 955be 3.2ghz, 2x2gb DDR3 7-7-7 1333mhz Kingston HyperX, ATI HD5770, Asus M4A78T-E all @ stock speed with no problems and no frame drops

        • Johnny 3D

          black ops is simply badly optimized, it will work great with a quad core but poorly on a dual core

    • http://YourWebsite... BloodyHands

      @ egg,
      You are the biggest piece of crap and you offer nothing. People are trying to help others run this horrible port of a game and all you talk about is how great the game runs on your pc with windows 7. Well, good for you, that’s great!!! Your comment about trying to overclock just proves how much of an idiot you really are. So your the only one smart enough to overclock? Go take your attitude elsewhere you jerk and stop writing your crap. People like you shouldn’t even be allowed to have a computer. It would be so much better for the rest of us if you didn’t…

    • Viking2121

      This game lags a bit on my system, and I pass the requirements by a long shot.

      OS: Win 7 64bit/XP pro 32bit
      MOBO: DFI Lanparty DK 790FX m2rs
      CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 940 3.78ghz
      RAM: 6GB DDR2 864mhz
      GPU: HD 5850 1GB 930 core/1195 mem
      HDD: 1TB Caviar black 7200rpm/500GB Hitachi 5400rpm
      PSU: Corsair GS700

      On Windows 7 on the system above I get 125fps is most spots on most maps, but like cracked on the 3 story building looking down it drops to 40fps, that’s on the ati 11.5 drivers the day of this post, and Windows 7 is installed on the Caviar Black drive.

      On XP Pro on the same system I get 125fps damn near all the time and looking at the same spot on the maps cracked looking down on the road my fps is 95. XP is on the Hitachi 5400rpm, so its not the HDD speed the will effect it.

      This is a clean install of Win 7, barley a month old from the day of this post, Tried all sorts of drivers, and to be honest the ati 10.5 drivers were better for me in Black Ops, but I went back to the ati 11.5 drivers, 11.6 drivers gave me to much trouble on both Win 7 and XP.

      Funny how this game uses CPU as well, It uses 80% CPU and about 25 – 30% GPU. And when I Overclock my CPU to 4.0Ghz which is vary stable at 1.56v and my FPS does not go up, But at 3.0Ghz my FPS will drop maybe 3 – 4fps, So I clocked it to 3.78Ghz just because I don’t want to run the air conditioner even in winter. So its Black Ops does not read the OS right. But when i put my COD4 config into Black Ops folder, my FPS is better than before, but still get the drops and stutter now and again.

      • Viking2121

        Just updated to 11.8 drivers and it seemed to smooth things out, plus on the map cracked where I look at a certain spot I now get 90fps instead of 40fps.

        • Johnny 3D

          It might not be the driver only as Treyarch released a patch couple of days ago:

          PC Patch 1.13 (Goes live at 5p PST, Servers start rebooting at 4:00).
          • Addressed a crash for players with more than 250 Friends
          • Fixed several map exploits
          • Various stability improvements
          • MODS: Server Browser now truncates modded game types that are longer than four characters in the MODE column
          • Server: addressed an issue in which some playlist settings could be ignored if sv_maprotation is too long

          Mod tools patch notes:
          • Improved AMD/ATI graphics card support in Effects Editor
          • Addressed an issue with saving an EFX in Effects Editor
          • Convert All now works correctly
          • Fixed wiki link in Asset Manager
          • Updated menus and scripts. Mods should be rebuilt with latest scripts merged in for compatibility with Patch 1.13

    • Viking2121

      Well I had the 11.5 driver after the patch and the difference just wasn’t there after the patch, Uptated to 11.8 yesterday and it improved a lot.

    • wwenigma

      And still not fixed this glitch… THANK YOU GAME DEVELOPERS! :(

    • egg

      if you don’t have the minimum requirements stated on the back of the box you don’t buy the game simples!
      uninstalling programs does not free memory just hard drive space!
      try overclocki…. err actually don’t, by the look of things you’d probably fuck it up and have no PC at all, and no way of replacing the parts!!
      my advise to you buy a kiddie’s games console!!!

    • http://YourWebsite... nexus1g

      Nah, Kage, the game’s just a bad port. I stutter time-to-time in Black Ops too. Sometimes, at completely random times, it will simply stop responding for about 10 seconds at a time. And the FPS drop on maps like Array and Cracked is horrid.