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Windows 7 vs Windows 8

In less than two weeks, Windows 8 will be available for anyone to buy and install on their personal computers or simply, upgrade their current operating system. But is Windows 8 any good? Since I will focus on performance this will not be a review but a gaming performance comparison between Windows 7 and Windows […]


First of all, 7970M owners: if you were expecting Enduro issues fixed with this driver you need to wait a little bit longer. The driver that will address specific performance issues will come in October. Until then, this driver brings a few UI updates: AMD Enduro Technology for Notebooks delivers: Long lasting battery life GPU […]


Finally a 9.00 driver designed for Desktop Cards, previous two 9.00 drivers (9 August & 15 August) were initially supporting only a few embedded GPUs and had to be modded so all Desktop GPU owners could install them. Performance wasn’t that great, especially with the 15 August version. Straight away, the difference between the first […]


Yet another AMD Catalyst 9.00 for embedded GPUs and APUs that had to be modded to add support for desktop cards. The previous 9.00 Catalyst driver didn’t do so good and that was to be expected since these drivers don’t seem to bring any improvements to desktop cards. The AMD Website marked these drivers as […]


I bet you thought I was dead, far from it. Took a prolonged vacation and I’m back eager to start working. A couple of weeks ago I was ready for a new driver testing methodology and you guys helped me pick the games, thanks for that ! So I removed all the old games and […]


AMD Catalyst 8.982.7 8 August seems to be an improved 12.8 WHQL driver, the only difference between the two are: 8.982.7 8 August was built 2 days later than 12.8 WHQL. 8.982.7 9 August has a slightly newer OpenGL Driver Version. Other than that there’s not much to tell about this one. Obviously, I will […]

Sleeping Dogs Logo

Sleeping Dogs is a open world action-adventure video game developed by United Front Games and Square Enix London Studios, published by Square Enix. The game was initially announced in 2009 as a original IP but later it was named True Crime: Hong Kong, only to be dropped by Activision, immediately the rights were bought by […]


Reading Catalyst 12.8’s official release notes doesn’t make anyone think about any performance improvements. Probably the most important thing here is Windows 8 support but I’m not really a Windows 8 fan so I don’t care about that. And that’s not because Win 8 isn’t a good OS is just because I don’t like the […]


Both games were released ~10 months, both were highly anticipated. Thanks to mods, huge number of quests and the recent release of Dawnguard DLC, Skyrim is still one of the most played games out there. Alongside Skyrim, Battlefield 3 enjoys the same attention from gamers but because of a different reason: Multiplayer. Those of you […]

Catalyst Application Profiles Benchmark

Many of you requested this article a long time ago and here it is. You may have noticed the previous article at which I failed hard by doing a compromise that shouldn’t have been made. This time I’m doing it the long and correct way. In order to test Catalyst Application Profiles one needs to […]